1.4 Tbirds all the new stepping?

Are all the new 1.4 GHz Tbirds the new AYHJA stepping?
I thought I read somewhere that with the new chip AMD unveiled its new stepping so that every new 1.4 would have it. I just need some confirmation on this, yes or no it doesn't really matter I have a 1.4 oem in the mail right now and I was just curious
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  1. Yeah, they are all the new stepping unless there is even a newer stepping already which I suppose is possible. But everyone one I have heard of has been AYHJA so far.

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  2. alright thats all I wanted to hear. I can't see why sites are acting all special selling AYHJA 1.4s then. They charge more its rediculous.
    well hopefully the oem 1.4s from www.newegg.com are AYHJA

    I ordered one with an Epox 8K7a+ and I'm hoping to get to 1.6-1.7 GHz range, what do you guys think my chances are with PC2400 DDR ram, and an mc370 heat sink and delta fan?
  3. I think they're all that stepping, but even if they aren't, they'd be AXIA or something similar to it, which are still really good cores.

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  4. I'd say you have a decent chance to hit 1.6 with that config assuming your PCI cards don't hold you back if you're OCing using the FSB. 1.7 may be harder to hit with air cooling, but it's still possible if you get a really good chip. I'd guess you'll find the system most stable in the 1.6 range though.

    That oughta void your warrenty!
  5. I'm almost positive they are. And that stepping will go to between 1.6 and 1.8GHz. The 1.4 is also available in the "B" flavor, whihc would give you 1.86GB when overclocked to 133! Don't know that it will go that far, but hey, it sure sounds nice!

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  6. Yeah, true it is rediculous...check out the overclockz store for example... damn sleezy businessmen....

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  7. Yeah, pre-overclocked processors for like $350.

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  8. well I paid $164 at www.newegg.com. My processor is AYHJA and it came to me already unlocked. So far I've overclocked to 1.6 GHz two ways, 145 x 11 and 136 x 11.5 (not exactly 1.6 of coarse)
    145 x 11 gives better performance, all I have is an mc370 with a delta fan and I'm right around 52 degrees celsius according to the via hardware monitor (which I don't think is as accurate as the Asus monitoring)
    I run rock stable no problems at all, so I'll probably try for 1650 or 1700 MHz, but I might just hold out for a peltier first.
    I have an 80mm and 92 mm and a hard drive cooler (three 40mm fans) blowing air into the case, and two 80mm and one 92 mm blowing air out so I'm getting good air flow. With this kind of flow I think I could support a small peltier
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