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I just finished my second build today and was a little short on money. Instead of getting cheaper parts i decided to slowly build the computer rather than buying everything all at once. As of now i only have an SSD and no other internal hard drives. My goal is too keep only SSDs in the computer in the future and had a question about the paging file in windows 7. I am very unfamiliar with how that works or what it does, but didnt want to mess anything up. I have 32GBs of RAM installed in the computer now and know that the paging file is set at the amount of ram you have in the pc, and it is recommending even more. Because i dont have the money as of now to buy a second SSD or HDD, is there anyway i can lower the size of the paging file without any side effects so that i dont use 75% of my whole SSD for just windows.

Also, I read that if you move the paging file to a different drive, that that drive should be as fast or near the speed of the drive that the OS is on. So if this is the case would it be bad to put a standard hard drive in and run the paging file on that while running the OS on the SSD?

Thanks for any help you can provide!
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    set it to 2GB, you need some, but with 32GB of ram it'll not be used.
  2. You don't need it, I've been running without a page-file for along time now, if you have 16GB+ ram your fine.

    Don't worry about it, just get rid of it.
  3. 13thmonkey said:
    set it to 2GB, you need some, but with 32GB of ram it'll not be used.

    I second this. To alter the page file size:
    - Click Start
    - Right Click on Computer and click 'Properties'
    - Advanced System Settings
    - Click 'Settings' in the Performance box under the 'Advanced' Tab (should be already selected).
    - Click the 'Advanced' Tab
    - Click 'change' under the Virtual Memory box.
    - Uncheck automatically manage page filing file size for all drives.
    - Select Custom size.
    - Suggested 2096Mb.
    - Click OK.

    Hope that helps.
  4. I have mine at 4096(4 gigabytes), but that is most likely too much even for my system with only 16gigs of memory.
  5. Okay. Thanks for all the help everyone. Figured id ask before doing anything stupid.
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  7. The reason for setting a small value (when you have lots of ram) is that some programs check for pagefile and fail when they don't find it, but then only use it when they need to. So a small but non-zero value is fine for high ram systems. These programs may be poorly written or rare, but they are/were out there.
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