Dual P3, is 300W enough ?

Hi all,

I got my Athlon system last time, its running really well :)Advised from you guys really helps :)

Now I need to ask you, I am getting dual system like this

Dual P3 733
Gigabyte GA-6VXDC7
256MB RAM (maybe more)
Ultra 160 SCSI card
Seagate SCSI 18Gig HD
SB Live value
Asus V8200 GF3
Network card

is 300W case enough for the sytem to run stable ???
I'll be using it for rendering and compiling and stuff, so I don't want it to crash in the middle.

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  1. if you get a brand name you should be alright, but i would highly recommend that you spend a few extra buck and get the Enermax 431 with dual fans. unbelievable power and the dual fans will REALLY help keep the dual cpu's cool. remember, its not just power you need to watch for with dualies, its also heat!

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  2. Ohhh that Enermax 431, I never heard of it. Actually I am not sure what casing they going to give me. They just told me its a 300 W case.

    Hmm better check, what other more popular brand name beside that you mentioned is good. I am really blind when it come to casing. Before I don't even care, but this board made me realised how important cases really are.

    BTW is 256MB enough to run dual with Win 2000 Pro ??


  3. the case holds the power supply, which is a seperate unit. what you want to find out is if you are getting an ATX from factor case. then you know you can buy any ATX power supply.....

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  4. Yes, 256meg is enough, but you might as well double it (if you can), since it's so cheap and you're building a huge system anyway.

    I'd recommend against using the 300w. You might be ok, but probabaly not. The CPU takes up more power than anything else in your case, so you would probably want to go with that 431w, like suggested. Or even dual 300w power supplies, but that's probably more hassle than you want to mess with.

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  5. I'd go 350 or 400.

    what do you other guys think?
  6. oh yes definitly the heat too is in issue and your GF3 card will heat up your case like an oven with the help of your duelies.
  7. I'll tell you right now that 300 wont work, between the GeForce3 and the scsi drives the PS will probably choke. I tried a 300w PS with this system

    Dual P3 700E@933
    Iwill DVD266-R
    2 WD 40GB ATA100
    SB Live
    2 NetworkCards
    12x CDRW
    8x DVD Drive

    I had all sorts of problems until I updated the PS for that system to a 350W Enermax PS. Now it's running smooth.

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  8. Wow, I didn't realize it was SCSI or there was a GeForce 3.

    Well then, I would definitely recommend dual PSUs. Possibly one for the motherboard connector and one for the drives, etc. There are other ways to configure it, that's just an idea.

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  9. Hmmm, I think I will ring my supplier and asked them to upgrade it to 350 or 400.

    Yeah I was planning to put more RAM on it, But since 256 is enough to run, I'll have to see what kind of performance I get with 256 first, If the performance is sluggish than I'll upgrade it to 1Gig or whatever the motherboard support.

    Actually I might move the Geforce 3 to my Athlon. At the moment my Athlon spec is like this:

    1.4GHz Athlon
    EPOX 8K7A
    256 DDR
    20Gig HD
    MSI 32MB Geforce 2 GTS

    Do you think I get better performance with My Geforce 3 in that Athlon system ?

    Is the GTS enough for that Dual system ?


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  10. In terms of Gaming the Athlon will outperform the dual setup. Dual procs are only for heavy multitasking or apps that are designed to take advantage of them. The only games that take advantage of dual procs are Quake3 and Falcon4. There might be more but that's all that I have heard of.

    So yes, I think your Athlon 1.4 with Win9x will outperform the dual procs with Win2k for gaming purposes. Slap the GeForce3 in there.

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  11. Yes, I totally agree.

    And find out what brand of PSU they're using, sometimes that makes a bigger difference than the wattage.

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  12. Thanks guys, I upgraded the PSU to 450W, for like $35, I didn't ask what the brand name was so I assumed its a generic one. They don't have the dual fan stuff :(

    Another thing, they don't have the Gigabyte mobo, so they giving me that MSI mobo instead, though more expensive, from the review at Toms, it seems that mobo isn't very good :( Anyhow, I seems to have no choice :( Is there a patch or something that would make it at least run the Quake 3 stable ?

    Anyway I think I am going to pull out the Geforce 3 and SB live and stick it into the Athlon. And put the Geforce 2 in that thing.

    I'll used this Athlon for playing games and stuff, when its not rendering and Used that dual to do work.

    Hehehe thanks guys
  13. I think that your 1.4 Ghz athlon will render faster then a dual P3 733.
  14. Yeah I think so too :)

    This Dual P3 thing is a replacement for my computer that got stolen :(, so that's why I am getting it now. A year ago this dual system was pretty fast, but I think the 1.4 G Athlon will be a bit faster than the dual in rendering., But than again I can have both of them doing rendering at night :).

    I am just worried that MSI mobo is not very good :(

  15. which mobo is it

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  16. This one, the one that they are giving me.

    MSI 694D Pro with out the Fire Wire. From Tom's review and other site review this mobo isn't very good, is there anyway I can fix the stability of this mobo, is it is unstable when I get them on Monday ?

    I used to have this one
    Gigabyte GA-6VXDC7 For some reason my supplier said this one is discontinued :((

    I might upgrade this Dual system to Dual Athlon, once they have a 2GHz Athlon 4 with Dual memory DDR bus like the nForce.

  17. The MSI Pro2D is not all that bad. If you have questions about duallies check out <A HREF="http://www.2cpu.com" target="_new">2cpu.com</A>, read the forums, there are not a whole lot of problems listed with that board. In fact it's considered one of the better ones out there, but it is a little slow.

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  18. Cool I got the system today, it seems to run stable so far :)

    Here is the complete spec

    Dual P3 733
    MSI 6321 AR Mobo
    256MB PC133
    Seagate Barracuda 18Gb 10000 RPM Ultra 160 2MB cache SCSI HDD
    64MB Asus Geforce 3
    52X Sony CD-ROM
    Creative SB live
    Iwill Ultra 2 SCSI Controller
    ATX 4 bay Tower
    450 W PSU
    10/100 Ethernet card

    Cost about US$1700 maybe less

    My Athlon cost me only around US$900

    I run 3D mark 2001 on it I only got a score of 3500 +

    On my 1.4 Ghz Athlon with Geforce 2 GTS I only got 1200 + using Hardware, but when I switch to Software I got like 2400.

    The performance is respectable, now I need to do some test rendering for the whole night.

    Thanks everyone :)
  19. I have Dual P3 733 too.

    300w is fine. I run with 300w.

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