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Razer Nostromo

I purchased a Nostromo today to play wow with. Ok, my problem is about after 10 minutes of gameplay my computer locks goes to a hard freeze I have had no problems like this before so I am wondering is there any conflicts that I can fix.
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    It may be a software conflict with the Razer snapse 2.0 and either the game or something else.
    Go into the action center and run the trouble shooter and see if it will bring up that coflict.
    If not go to the event viewer and that may list the conflict.
    Anytime you install a new driver or software and you get an issue right away it's generaly a software conflict , doesn't mean there is a fix for it but you may be able to Identify it.
  2. Yea it seems to only happen when I create and use a macro that runs continuously while the button is pressed it has no problems what so ever in any other format. So, yea I don't even know where to begin to think what issue that is causing and what conflict it is .
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