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PIXMA iP4000 - roller streaks down left side of page

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January 24, 2013 7:50:01 PM

I managed to get the ink off of the 2 rollers, and got the streaks down the left side of the page to stop, but couldn't get all the colors to print without streaks. I put in a NEW printhead with new ink tanks, and now the wide black streaks down the page are back. I keep doing the bottom plate cleaning, but this time it is not doing any good. I keep cleaning the rollers with the ink on them, with cotton or tissue moistened with alcohol, but printing anything, even the nozzel check, covers those 2 rollers again with black ink, and all down the side of the page.
Anybody else been able to solve this problem? Don't want to scrap the printer, since I have a large supply of ink cartridges for it.

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January 26, 2013 5:33:36 PM

phil22 said:
Possibly the printer's waste-ink absorbtion pads are saturated with ink:

First, thank you for your response. I am not getting that error like I have on others of this model, but they probably are saturated. Other printers gave me the error, but not the ink all down the paper.
I watched the video of the iP3000, which is built like mine, but you don't see all of the screws close-up, and I would never get it completely apart and back together. If I only had to take a side off, I could probably manage that.
This computer already lost power completely the other day(after I had gotten the roller smears to stop), even plugged with an unused, new power cord...and into a different wall plug. I also bounced it around and turned it over. I called it dead and moved it to the kitchen, where I plugged it up again just to be sure, and it did turn on again. Moved it back in place, and of course the roller smears started again. The bouncing it around and turning it over probably unsettled the ink in those pads. I can see the 2 rollers on the right end (as you look into the printer) get black again after each manual cleaning of them. Those are the only 2 rollers that seem to be picking up the ink. People around here don't work on printers, and it would cost a bunch if they did, I am sure. Maybe I will donate it, telling what is wrong with it, that maybe it can be fixed.
I have a whole drawer-full of generic cartridges for it, and at least on set of Canon ones. Maybe I can draw the ink out of them and put it in the refillable cartridges I have for my Epson that I use to print CD labels.