How to damage a P4 in 1 easy step

Put it on the road and

step on it!

worthless crap bring out 3 GHz maybe it will keep up with a Tbird 2Ghz

--call it what you wish, with this machine I can make mercury flow in 3 directions at once--
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  1. What about a hammer? Or taking the heat sink off like the other dummy.
  2. Childish I say, very childish.....

    Your supposed to come to Toronto, go up the elevator on the C.N. Tower (Worlds tallest free-standing structure) and drop it out a window....thats what I say....
    j/k.....just out of curiosity tbirdinside...whats the point of this post?
    It's just goign to start another flame war.....don't take what I said seriously.....
    If you wanted to know what I seriously think, than do what i said, but also drop a bird and see which CPU hits the ground first, now thats what I call a fair race! LoL

    Bet's on P4 hitting first, as it has a slight weight advantage....therfore it wont spin out of control like the tbird will if you drop it from mid-air..heh heh

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
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  3. News flash on the world tallest building its not the C.N Tower anymore. There a dual building in Japan. That taller. Not sure what the name is.
  4. Drop Tbird out the window?

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  5. Pretty sure the tallest buildings are in Kualla ever you spell it...

    Did those get beat? They keep cheating by adding things to the top that aren't floors, but merely scaffolding of some type....

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  6. yeah - I think you mean Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Canada comes in 26th place with First Canadian Plaza, which is over 500ft shorter...

    A little trivia...

    Rank Building City Year Height in Feet/Meters
    1 Petronas Tower 1 Kuala Lumpur 1996 1476/450
    2 Petronas Tower 2 Kuala Lumpur 1996 1476/450
    3 Sears Tower Chicago 1974 1454/443
    4 Jin Mao Building Shangai ~1998 1379/420
    5 One World Trade Center New York 1972 1368/417
    6 Two World Trade Center New York 1973 1362/415
    7 Empire State Building New York 1931 1250/381
    8 Central Plaza Hong Kong 1992 1227/374
    9 Bank of China Tower Hong Kong 1989 1209/369
    10 T&C Tower Kaoshiung ~1997 1140/347
    11 Amoco Chicago 1973 1136/346
    12 John Hancock Center Chicago 1969 1127/344
    13 Shun Hing Square Shenzen 1996 1066/325
    14 Sky Central Plaza Guangzhou 1996 1056/322
    15 Baiyoke Tower II Bangkok ~1997 1050/320
    16 Chrysler Building New York 1930 1046/319
    17 NationsBank Plaza Atlanta 1992 1023/312
    18 First Interstate World Center Los Angeles 1990 1018/310
    19 Texas Commerce Tower Houston 1982 1000/305
    20 Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang 1995 984/300
    21 Two Prudential Plaza Chicago 1990 978/298
    22 First Interstate Bank Plaza Houston 1983 972/296
    23 Landmark Tower Yokohama 1993 971/296
    24 311 South Wacker Drive Chicago 1990 959/292
    25 Jubilee St./Queens Road Central Hong Kong ~1997 958/292
    26 First Canadian Plaza Toronto 1975 952/290
    27 American International Building New York 1932 950/290
    28 One Liberty Place Philadelphia 1987 945/288
    29 Columbia Seafirst Center Seattle 1985 943/287
    30 40 Wall St. (Bank of Manhattan) New York 1930 927/283
    31 NationsBank Plaza Dallas 1985 921/281
    32 Overseas Union Bank Centre Singapore 1986 919/280
    33 United Overseas Bank Plaza Singapore 1992 919/280
    34 Republic Plaza Singapore 1995 919/280
    35 Citicorp Center New York 1977 915/279
    36 Scotia Plaza Toronto 1989 902/275
    37 Transco Tower Houston 1983 901/275
    38 Society Center Cleveland 1991 888/271
    39 AT&T Corporate Center Chicago 1989 885/270
    40 900 North Michigan Chicago 1989 871/265
    41 NationsBank Corporate Center Charlotte 1992 871/265
    42 One Peachtree Center Atlanta 1992 867/264
    43 Canada Trust Tower Toronto 1990 863/263
    44 Water Tower Place Chicago 1976 859/262
    45 First Interstate Tower Los Angeles 1974 858/262
    46 Transamerica Pyramid San Francisco 1972 853/260
    47 G.E. Rockefeller Center New York 1933 850/259
    48 One First National Plaza Chicago 1969 850/259
    49 Commerzbank Tower Frankfurt ~1997 850/259
    50 Messeturm Frankfurt 1990 850/259
    51 Two Liberty Place Philadelphia 1990 848/258
    52 USX Tower Pittsburgh 1970 841/256
    53 Gate Tower Osaka 1996 833/254
    54 World Trade Center Osaka 1994 827/252
    55 One Atlantic Center Atlanta 1988 820/250
    56 BNI City Tower Jakarta 1995 820/250
    57 Korea Life Insurance Company Seoul 1985 817/249
    58 City-Spire New York 1989 814/248
    59 One Chase Manhattan Plaza New York 1961 813/248
    60 200 Park Avenue New York 1963 808/246
    61 Kompleks Tun Abdul Razak Penang 1985 804/245
    62 MayBank Headquarters Kuala Lumpur 1988 799/244
    63 Tokyo Metropolitan Gov't Bldg Tokyo 1991 797/243
    64 Rialto Towers Melbourne 1985 794/242
    65 Woolworth Building New York 1913 792/241
    66 Mellon Bank Center Philadelphia 1990 792/241
    67 John Hancock Tower Boston 1976 788/240
    68 Bank One Center Dallas 1987 787/240
    69 JR Central Towers Nagoya ~1999 787/240
    70 Commerce Court West Toronto 1973 784/239
    71 Moscow State University Moscow 1953 784/239
    72 NationsBank Center Houston 1984 780/238
    73 Bank of America Center San Francisco 1969 779/237
    74 One Worldwide Plaza New York 1989 778/237
    75 Canary Wharf Tower London 1991 777/237
    76 IDS Center Minneapolis 1972 775/236
    77 Norwest Center Minneapolis 1988 774/236
    78 First Bank Place Minneapolis 1992 774/236
    79 Singapore Treasury Building Singapore 1986 771/235
    80 Shinjuku Park Tower Tokyo 1994 764/233
    81 Heritage Plaza Houston 1987 762/232
    82 Palace of Culture and Science Warsaw 1955 758/231
    83 Carnegie Hall Tower New York 1991 757/231
    84 Three First National Plaza Chicago 1981 753/230
    85 Equitable Plaza New York 1985 752/229
    86 One Penn Plaza New York 1972 750/229
    87 1251 Avenue of the Americas New York 1972 750/229
    88 Prudential Center Boston 1964 750/229
    89 Two California Plaza Los Angeles 1992 750/229
    90 Gas Company Tower Los Angeles 1991 749/228
    91 MLC Center Sydney 1978 748/228
    92 Two Pacific Place/Shangri-La Hotel Hong Kong 1991 748/228
    93 1100 Louisiana Building Houston 1980 748/228
    94 Korea World Trade Center Seoul 1988 748/228
    95 Wing Lok St./Queens Road Central Hong Kong ~1997 748/228
    96 Governor Philip Tower Sydney 1993 745/227
    97 J.P. Morgan Headquarters New York 1989 745/227
    98 Two Union Square Seattle 1989 743/226
    99 333 South Hope Building Los Angeles 1975 743/226
    100 One Liberty Plaza New York 1973 743/226

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  7. No the T-Bird would be snatched out of free fall and saved by birds while the Pentium 4 would get pooped on. Birds do stick up for one another.

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    <b><font color=red>2.1</b></font color=red> P4 Speed
  8. or how about giving it you cyber boy so he can use it for anal pleasure.

  9. it looks like there still building it but it will be the Shanghai World Financial Center, China When done 1,509 feet
  10. Yes, but how many feet are usable? The Kuala Lumpur towers consist of many feet of unusable height. At first they weren't recognized as the tallest buildings since it was thought that they were cheating. Anyone could put antennas on a building and say it's a part of the building yada yada...

    Granted, getting something that high is pretty damn impressive...

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  11. Quote:
    News flash on the world tallest building its not the C.N Tower anymore.

    The C.N. Tower was never the tallest building, it was and still is the tallest free-standing structure there is a difference between the two.

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  12. [sigh] I haven't been here for quite some time but sad to say there are still some people who are still trying to start flame wars here. But fortunately the replys so far have been very polite.

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  13. Quote:
    Bet's on P4 hitting first, as it has a slight weight advantage....

    Galileo on the Leaning Tower of Pisa, and Shepard on the Moon both proved that heavier objects do NOT fall faster.

    Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink:
  14. actual if you where on the top floor of the saer build you would be looking down at the top of the Petronas Towers

    the Petronas Towers only get the hieghts record becuase of the spiars on the top of them

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  15. Well...actually....Objects DO (basically) accelerate at the same speed...something like 9.8m/sec every second.
    However, terminal velocity is determined by mass and countered by aerodynamic resistance. (And distance between the gravitaing bodies if you want to be really anal =8-)

    For insctance the terminal velocity of a free falling human being should be about...125mph. Whereas, say a free falling F14 tomcat could reach probably about 185mph...depending on aerodynamic resistance (like wings) of course.

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  16. please forgive my ignorance, but does "free standing" mean??

    Are the other buildings held up by balloons or something :)

    "That's right, I'm the guy who can feel the difference between 50FPS & 100FPS in LandWarrior."
  17. Of course, which is why the feather and the hammer fell at the same rate on the moon. No air resistance.

    Do you really think weight would produce air resistance, though? That's the point I'm rebutting, that heavier objects fall faster if the same general size (like two CPUs). You'd have to drop them from rather high up to have the small difference in size affect which one hit first.

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  18. Correct, and this is why i said the P4 would hit first, think abotu it, Air Resistence on a crumpled piece of i have a better one.....You take a piece of cardboard, cut it to the same dimensions as a CPU....drop it from the air, what happens?? it floats around a bit while fallign right?
    now, add a fair sized rock in the middle of it (tapped on just for kix) and what happens?? it falls almost instantly, right? Think of that as the P4...
    Now on a second piece of cardboard equal in size...tape a rock onto it a thrid or generously half the size of the first....tape that one on too...drop it......what happens ?? it floats around longer in the air than the first one did.......than it gradualyl falls....Understand ??

    BTW heres just straight from the CN Tower's web-site...

    "Defining the Toronto skyline, the CN Tower is Canada's most recognizable and celebrated icon. At a height of 553.33m (1,815 ft., 5 inches), it is the World's Tallest Building and Free Standing Structure, an important telecommunications hub, and the centre of tourism in Toronto. "

    Go visit the Web Site if you wish.....very kewl stuff...

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  19. I don't know if you even read the name of the Tower I said....It's CN Tower........Not the First Canadian Plaza Tower Toronto, theres a BIG difference.....
    I Think you need a different resource to look in sir...go to everyoen of these Buildings websites and double check..INCLUDING the C.N.Tower....
    You'll notice the CN Tower is about 350Ft HIGHER than anythign else there....

    Oh, and by FreeStanding means it doesnt have all kinds of messed up Support Cables running off of it to help stabilze it.....NOR is it connected to soem other smaller buildings to act as a support base...hence's on its own......

    Trivia for you my friend....

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  20. What is measured in case of CN Tower it's one solid structural piece of concrete and steel from ground level to top. (No antennas, boxes, mobos on the roof taken into height account)
  21. Hmmm. Not one intelligent response. Not surprising since the person who started this thread is obviously not very intelligent.

    I like to slide down snowy mountains
  22. The difference is that I guess the CN tower is a tower not a building - by whatever definition everyone is using. Now you stated it was a structure - which ties in and so it looks like you are right - I apologise for my semantics.

    I did read the name, but I assumed (again incorrectly) that you had mis-named since I was looking for the tallest Canadian building on the list - having already failed to recognise the disctinction between builting and structure!

    Sorry mate,


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  23. antennas and ariels are not measure btw.

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  24. Quite alright my good sir :)

    -MeTaL RoCkEr
    My <font color=red> Z28 </font color=red> can take your <font color=blue> P4 </font color=blue> off the line!
  25. yeh smash it with a sledgehammer or a clawhammer... ;)

    you do not strengthen the weak by weakening the strong
  26. Spire's would be included......
  27. [Originally posted by <b>TUXRACER: "Hmmm. Not one intelligent response. Not surprising since the person who started this thread is obviously not very intelligent."]</b>
    Bio on TUXRACER, Tux the Penguin, from his Personal Profile: <b>"I am an intelligent mutant penguin about 35cm tall who escaped from a laboratory in Arlington, VA. I applied to Brown University while masquerading as a high school student and am now a rising junior..." ]</b>

    Hey, you, mutant, intelligent Penguin, whoever, listen.
    Why not? As for me, I understand that everybody sees what tbirdinside started as kinda fun, relaxation not taken seriously even when criticizing.
    But when somebody starts something about others intelligence,...
    it always looks like that person is very concerned about own real weaknesses or kinda brain illnesses and trying to switch own problems on others, who never even think about that and never discuss.
    Come-on, it's a computer forum and technical site! We are not familiar with the topic you're starting! No, we don't have any problem related to your concerns, dude!

    Even if you rename yourself into "triple intelligent", people will see from the distance who you really are.
  28. Hay it a topic. We can have fun with. And gets us away from old same old same old.
  29. Actually the world tallest building is under construction in north India, it is going to be a Hindu temple.
  30. Why to people who are new to these boards always drag up dead threads? I still haven't figured that out.

    Quarter pounder inside
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