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Tom would be better if there was a chat room on here not a fourm or at least have both going at once.
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  1. I thought that is what we had now.

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  2. This is called a fourm. A chat room is real time.
  3. Why not make our own IRC channel for that?


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  4. chat rooms are real time, and not everybody can get online here all the time or at a time. this is a forum where everybody keeps on posting and can get replies even when he is offline.

    best of all, eveything is docmented, archived and can be viewed anytime!

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  5. That why I seid both. People who come here all the time talking about computer can talk not read a past post. If some one needed help they can post. And we can still read the fourn help them. Some thing new comes out. We can put it on the Fourm and talk about it on the chat room.
  6. Sounds like a pro idea. An IRC channel would be great, but how many people still go on IRC to chat? It's mostly warez now. (:

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  7. well I m looking in to java irc and reg Irc. For computers that can t run Virc or Pirch or Mirc. They still can go on Irc. I send a message to The company. We will see.

    The chat rooms I go on they tend to have none on a slow night about 30 on a wild night. So it verys
  8. A chat room is a good idea, but not everyone can get to chat, I for example am at work right now, have limited net access and would probably get sacked if I managed toi get my nt workstation on irc!!

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  9. That why I was thinking about the Java irc. For alot of people can t get on it.
  10. I dont get your sig. Intel inside, amd outside??? Explain plz.

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  11. There a program that will run in java base irc. So webtv and weaker systems will work. And there the reg irc you need to run Virc or Mirc or Pirch
  12. You know those stickers on the front of some cases that say "Intel inside"? Well it basically means there's an Intel cpu inside the case, and a AMD cpu sitting outside not being used.

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  13. kinda funny dude. For the past year I had a amd in my system. And its says Intel inside. hehehe. The only thing that look good was the case on the intel computer. So I use amd athlon 700 cpu. My next system will be in the dual cpu setup.
  14. oh i see. But for me it'd be amd inside, intel outside.

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