How do I get my tablet pen to work?

I just set up my Bamboo Tablet and the pen won't work, everytime I try there is an orange light luminating from the tablet but nothing on my Photoshop screen. I can use my finger so I knwo for a fact my tablet work and the problem is my pen but I don't see how it works. Can someone help me? I'm lost and I need help :)
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  1. Hello sarahisawesome;

    What tablet pen do you have?
    Did the pen come with any software? Is that what you mean when you said you 'set up' the notebook?
    Where are you using the pen?
  2. Maybe the WACOM USB Bamboo Pen Tablet?
  3. Here is a community website for Wacom:
    It could be a great source for all things having to do with your Wacom Tablet.
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