25$ for a mechanical keyboard is it a good buy for gaming?

http://www.tvs-e.in/product.aspx?pid=38 this is an indian based company can i go for it?
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  1. sounds fishy o.O
    It doesn't seem to say what type of switches it is using which immediately seems shady.
  2. unless you live in india and its all you can get... i'd avoid such products like the plague.

    its hard to get a decent membrane keyboard for $25, let alone a mechanical keyboard.
  3. Mad shady, I cant even load any of the pic on the site. Before you buy it, call them and see what the company is like. Being Indian and talking to another Indian definitely helps Vishal.
  4. Too good to be true. If something that cheap actually worked well, wouldn't everyone be buying it?

    There's gotta be a catch somewhere.
  5. Indeed it does seem too good. If you really want it for that price, you are going to have to pick apart the company. See where they are based out of, where they ship from, do they have any other satisfied customers, shipping outside of India (if you are outside of India), etc. Take some time with this.

    Most all of us would not recommend buying from them however this is your decision.
  6. Yup, seems pretty shady. For $25 you dont have much to lose by going for it, but I doubt it would be any good.
    Also it doesnt specify a keyswitch brand, which means its going to be some generic or offbrand keyswitch rather than a CherryMX switch thats in most mechanical's.
  7. I've seen people buying 50$ mechanical keyboards and regretting it
  8. By the way TVS is a reputed company in India.

    You won't find their website about this keyboard because they are more into TVS bike manufacture in India!

    The TVS mechanical keyboard is good value for money. The problem is that fit and finish is not that good. But the build is good.


    I am actually searching for one at a slightly lower price, if that is possble! :)

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