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I'm new to Tom's and this is my first post. I have a Dell Insprion 8130 w/no touch pad settings window. I'm running Windows 7. In 'Control Panel' the 'Mouse' option indicates there is only a PS/2 compatible mouse option available. The 'Mouse" window on my Inspiron 1545 has a selection for a Dell Touchpad. I'd like to know what kind of touch pad I have, where I can download the driver that is compatible with Windows 7. Thanks
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  1. Hello Breaux2045;

    No doubt you've visited the Dell support site and found out that Dell does not provide any Windows 7 drivers for your laptop?

    A 'driver' is a piece of software written to bridge a hardware item to a specific operating system.
    If the MFGR (Dell) in this case has not written (or contracted to have it written) it's very difficult to find a driver that works.
    You could find out who made the actual touchpad (Synaptics?) and see if they have a Win7 driver for your model of touchpad. But that's a long shot since they might not have any contracts to create a driver.

    Your best (and maybe only) bet is to visit the Dell Community forums and see what other 8130 owners have been doing for Win 7 drivers.
    I'm guessing a few of them are probably using a laptop type mouse.
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