Write protection removal in toshiba laptop

Can Any one suggest me what to do regarding the write protection removal.
I am using Toshiba U400 satellite series laptop with vista. specs are 3 gb ram, 230 gb hdd, core processor. when ever i am inserting any pendrive or mobile with mass storage through usb port, i can read all the files in those and even copy them to my laptop. but the problem is if i wanna copy stuff to my pendrive or any other mass storage device, a pop up window displaying the disk is write protected. remove write protection and try again.

could anyone find the solution and help me.
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  1. Hello sethu1986;

    What make and model of USB flash drive?
    Some have a physical switch for write protection.

    You can see the small black switch on along the bottom edge of this USB flash drive.
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    If you use that USB flash drive on a different computer (like a PC) are you able to write files on the drive?

    If the flash drive works normally on other laptops and PCs check your laptop and see if this applies to you.
    Disable Write Access to Removable Storage Devices
  3. thanks for your interest..I tried by using sandisk, transcend 2 gb, 4gb. also i used my mobile with data cable. Those flash drive have no external lock switch.
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