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I have a ASUS Eee PC 1005HAB. It has been working fine until tomorrow morning when I turned it on. Instead of Windows XP logo I got a black screen and a horizontal blinking cursor. I turned it off and on again but the result was the same. No BIOS prompts, no error messages, no Windows at all, just a black screen and a blinking cursor. I called to ASUS Online Technical Service and they told me that maybe the hard drive was dead. But if hard drive was dead why BIOS prompts (like "Press DEL to enter BIOS") doesn't show up? I know from my experience that a missing or bad hard disc doesn't prevent you from entering BIOS. I think that something with motherboard is wrong instead.
Any idea or suggestion would be helpful.
Thank you!
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  1. toni-1980 said:
    I know from my experience that a missing or bad hard disc doesn't prevent you from entering BIOS.
    Hello toni-1980;
    Correct. But you might need to use the correct keystroke to enter BIOS. Does your manual tell you what that is? Maybe F2?
  2. You could create a bootable Rescue USB thumb drive:
    AVG Rescue CD Guide - see instructions for:
    Using the RAR/ZIP archive to create a USB bootable device

    You want this not so much for the AVG scanner (but its not a bad idea to run this if the HDD is still working but the OS isn't bootable)
    but for the included utility programs that let you look at things like your HDD. And knowing you can boot from a USB device sorta rules out the motherboard as a failure and might help isolate the real problem.

    I think the ESC key during bootup will let you choose to boot from a USB drive.
  3. Thank you for your reply.
    I remember that when I turned on my notebook before it broke I could see something like "Press DEL" or "Press F2". Now it shows nothing like that. Anyway I will try to press some buttons to enter BIOS as soon as I'm home :)
  4. Hi WR2.
    I tried F2 and ESC buttons. Nothing happens. Can a PC turn on even if there is a motherboard failure?
    Thank you again!
  5. No;
    And you're right that just a HDD failure should give you more options like entering BIOS and accessing a USB boot device.
    Asus tech support send you off in the wrong direction.
  6. hey i have nearly the same problem.
    i got bios to load tho.
    i pressed ctrl+alt+del and the screen shuts off then the cursor comes back on.
    when the screen goes off keep pushing f2 and bios loaded.
    i still cant do anything to make windows boot.
    see if that works.
    if you figure it out post it so i can fix my computer too.
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