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Okay so lately I had the ideal that it might be a good idea to upgrade the CPU on my Asus g60vx laptop with a gtx 260 gpu and people said that it's current processor a dual core 2.13 ghz and I think 2 or 3 mb of cach might hold the CPU back a bit. I Have have just spent 30 minutes looking this up and decided I would just post a thread here! So first do you think it's worth upgrading to processor and second what upgrades (if any) can i get(maybe the x9100?)? And would a new processor overheat? And would it help very much? Right now I play black ops and it sometimes lags ( which in my appenion it should blow that game out of the water) and I will probably buy Crysis 2.
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  2. Doesn't seem like anyone knows too much about this...
  3. Personally I think overclocking your cpu may prove more beneficial than a whole new one. Also there shouldn't be a bottleneck in the least even if you overclocked the gpu. An x9100 would be overkill for the heatsink since that laptop shares a single piece for both the gpu and cpu. Try running at reduced resolutions or turning off aa for a performance boost.
  4. Okay thanks, what is the aa?
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