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Dell S2240M(DVI) or Dell S2240L(HDMI)

I'm confused between Dell S2240M and Dell S2240L.
Please help me!

Currently I have a CRT. :(
I'm going to upgrade my PC soon but budget really tight.
Dell S2240M cost in my country locally near Rs.8600/- and S2240L Rs.8800/-.
Dell not providing any DVI or HDMI cable with them only VGA.
Is VGA cable work fine @1920x1080 ?
Dell monitor don't have any speaker so waht the use of HDMI ?
Any future advantage over DVI ?
Price difference only R.200(near US $4)
Chinese DVI or HDMI cable gonna cost about Rs.200/- extra.
I tried to find other IPS panel at budget but sadly nothing good available.
LG IPS225V out of stock totally and AOC i2267Fh(14ms G2G) not launched in my country(India) yet.
So,which should I do now ?

My next upgrade will be like as follows:
Intel G630
H61 Motherboard
4GB 1333Hz DDR3 RAM
Nvidia GT640/ATI HD7750

Thought my video card cheap but remember my main priority is gaming. :sarcastic:
So,input lag and response time is matter.
But,I don't want TN panel.
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  1. HDMI is DVI with digital sound.

    DVI/HDMI has a much more stable image than VGA.
  2. Thanks for ur reply.

    Now when DVI and HDMI doesn't and Del don't bother to provide any cable except VGA.
    Do u thing I think I should got for Dell S2240L and bought a cheap chinese HDMI cable.
    Cost of Dell OEM HDMI gonna near Rs.1K-1.5(US $20-25).

    Now situation like follows:
    Dell S2240M+ Cheap DVI cable @8700/-
    Dell S2240L+Cheap HDMI cable @9000/-
    Dell S2240L+Dell OEM HDMI cable @10000/-

    Which option is best now ?

    Another nub question.
    If I use sound from video card(HDMI port) will that make any impact on gaming performance ?
    Motherboard has 5.1 Channel audio.
    I have 2 channel speaker(2 speakers+woofer) with only single 3.5mm jack.
    BTW,video card sound quality better than normal entry level motherboard audio ?
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    My recommendation is if you might want to connect your PC to a large TV at some time then go for the HDMI monitor and cable. If not, then go for the least expensive option.

    I have used cheap DVI and HDMI cables with no problems.

    Now, as far as the sound over HDMI: the sound will not be better because your video card will simply redirect the sound from your on-board sound card to the HDMI.
  4. HDMI is becoming standard these days.
    So,I guess I should go for Dell S2240L and price difference is very small.
    Strange thing is HDMI version is showing cheaper in Dell US site.
    Where DVI is cheaper in my country.
    One more nub question.
    My video card is not powerful to run game @1080p 60Hz.
    So I will run game @1600x900 75Hz.
    Heard HDMI only support up to 60Hz and DVI more ?
    Is it true ?
    This could be main big issue for me.
    And can I connect my STB HDMI to dell monitor HDMI input(only picture not sound) ?
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  6. TVs might only support 60Hz, but HDMI to a monitor will support any refresh the monitor supports.
  7. Thanks!
    I just bought Dell S2240L+cable+power cable total 9500/-.
    Don't know why Dell don't provide DVI/HDMI and even a power cord too ?
    Thought Dell is a reputed brand.
    Monitor like a mirror and back light bleed at both bottom.
    What can I expect at that price after all.
    But,I think monitor must need calibration.
    Image is bluish.
    Color is not accurate compare to my old 17" CRT.
    Tried to find ICC profile and Calibration Settings at tftcentral and Google it.
    But,sadly failed.
    Did not get any review.
    So,I can't change setting.

    BTW,saw by default Phase=27 ( under 'display' monitor OSD ).
    Other setting is set to 50 by default.
    Do I have to change that to 50 too ?

    One thing.
    I don't have any CD/DVD ROM drive.
    So,I'm unable ti install drivers from Dell CD.
    So,I tried dell site and see only a file 300KB available.
    I'm not sure I chose the right link.
    Can I use monitor without driver ?
    Sorry for asking too many nub question.
  8. You do not need to install any drivers for your monitor.
  9. If anyone found any review link of Dell S2240L/M please post here.
    I need calibration setting.
  10. Which is best if I want to use HDMI to connect my PC to Dell S2240L monitor ?

    1) RGB
    2) YCbCr 4:4:4
    3) YCbCr 4:2:2

    Or I should not use HDMI for PC ?
  11. Use RGB. The others are best when connecting to a television and watching mostly streaming video.
  12. Thanks!
    But when changing from YCbCr to RGB at OSD monitor color washed out and become too bright.
  13. Then adjust the brightness and contrast ;)
  14. Currently using HDMI input.
    Set RGB444 Full mode from ATI CCC.
    And Brightness=43 Contrast=75

    But,don't know why still is showing before boot "no HDMI input going to power save mode".
  15. TheEvolution said:
    Currently using HDMI input.
    Set RGB444 Full mode from ATI CCC.
    And Brightness=43 Contrast=75

    But,don't know why still is showing before boot "no HDMI input going to power save mode".

    I am in the same dilema as you are you sure AOC i2367fh has not been launched yet? I have heard that the picture quality of Dell S2240L is very good, check here:

    but after reading your experience I am having second thoughts about this monitor.

    There is also Viewsonic VX2370smh -LED and VX2770smh-LED

    Would you recommend Dell S2240L to me? Main use both static work and HD TV.

    Will really appreciate your valuable suggestion, I do not know which one to choose between Viewsonic VX2370smh-LED and AOC i2367fh and Dell S2340L.

    As for your problem, Hope its sorted by now, if not try changing the HDMI cable and see. If you do not have an original one try an original one. It seems like a cable issue.
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