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After my ECS k7s5a drew its last straw with me (it's "quirkyness" was really starting to tick me off and when it began having post problems I decided to ditch it), I decided to upgrade my motherboard. However, I've never done such a large upgrade with XP. A sound card, cdrom, hd, etc all work fine........ but what about a motherboard? Will XP detect it like any other hardware and just install the right drivers, or will i have to reinstall xp? (btw, I'm using a professional corporate version of xp).

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  1. You'll need to clean install Windows. That way, it can start fresh without the other motherboard's drivers on it.


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  2. It might work, it might not. I'd try it.

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  3. If you go into Safe Mode you can disable all the mobo stuff. Then you swap out boards plug everything in boot that puppy and it will start looking for all the necessary stuff (probably ask for a cd, depending whether MS knows about that stuff) and you'll be up and running.
  4. he'll have to copy the new mobo drivers into a folder before deleting old and rebooting b/c he wont have the cdrom function, will he?

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  5. I tried it with an update from a K6-2 500 and Ali chipset mobo to a XP1900+ and A7V8X mobo. I was quite funny. Just as if Win XP didn't know what it was doing, refusing to install my drivers or anything else (it locked). So definitely go for a clean instalation. It will take less time than trying to repair XP (if posible)

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  6. If his mobo bios can boot from the cd he'll not need to copy anything to his hard drive. If he's having difficulty with his cd-rom drive then he'll have to find another route.
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