Wireless keyboard lag, queries up strokes, spits them after 30 sec

I rebuilt my old (not too old) PC for my wife for gaming. I had never had a problem with the wireless mouse and keyboard from Logitech that I used, but she's having issues. When gaming, the keyboard will freeze for maybe half a minute. Mouse works fine. Then about 30 seconds later it will exectue whatever buttons had been hit. So it's lagging somehow. As I said, worked fine on that machine before, but this is with a new install of Windows 7 64bit (but that is what was on there before). Here's what I've tried:
- 3 different models of Logitech wireless keyboard and mice (I had some laying around). All 3 had different adapters. One is the new one I just bought with the micro, another with the one that looks like a flash drive, and an older one with the wired adapter. I think the models are: MK520, MK320, and LX310.
- I know USB3 can cause interference, but not USB 3 ports on the machine.
- I've tried every USB port on it including the front.
- Installed Setpoint (although I think that's just for configuration)
- There shouldn't be anything around interfering
Anyone have any suggestions, I'm stumped.
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  1. I heard from my friends that logitech wireless keyboards need to be less than 2 feet away from the receiver to function normally and that's a very short wireless range. I found here a good review of a wireless keyboard at this page, which claims an unbelievable 100 ft effective working range. Of course you don't need to play a heated battle game at 100 ft away but the fact that it is effective at that range gives an assurance that it is more effective at a nearer distance.
  2. i have a logitech wireless keyboard which came in the mx1000 set 10 years ago and it has a range of well over 65+ feet through a few wall. it was an older RF wireless keyboard not bluetooth like many newer keyboards which may be a factor as to the range increase. in any case, unless you are across the room i find it doubtful the issue has to do with wireless directly.

    op, as a check plug in a true wired ps/2 or usb keyboard and see what response you get. this will tell you if it is instead your system which is causing a slowdown and not the keyboard. the last time i had such issues is when a system itself was having slowdown issues.

    it also doesnt hurt to put new batteries in your wireless keyboards and give them another test. you never know.

    short answer:

    if they worked before fine they should still work fine. i'm thinking there may a gremlin inside that newly rebuilt computer throwing things out of whack. test a usb keyboard and if you can test the wireless keyboards on another pc. i would not go out and buy another keyboard at this point as i doubt that will solve anything at this point in time.
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