How to tap on a laptop

i want to tap a Computor game, I have a laptop I want to do it on. Its a small game, there are lots of tappers, and to win you must be able to hang with these cheaters.

Please tell me how.

I have a tobisha laptop of some sort.

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  1. why bring yourself down to there level? How can you feel good at the end of the day if you won knowing that you had to cheat to win....?
  2. You havent played the game. EVERYONE, I mean everyone, taps.

    Its fun, because they have forums and stuff.

    They should rename the game Tap wars.

    But Idc if im down to there level, just please tell me how.
  3. lots of people smoke pot too....
  4. If your not going to tell me then please dont post.
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