fan that comes with 1.33 ghz athlon

i WILL NOT be overclocking. how much of a difference will the temps be, lets say, between the fan that comes with retail chips and the (see below) which is recommended by AMD.

whats better:
1. Thermaltake VOLCANO II Heatsink
2. Cooler Master EP5-6i11

-If only AOL sent their software on CDRWs-
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  1. I don't know what fan the retail comes with but I'm gonna guess that AMD is gonna ship with a fan that they are assuming is to cool a chip in a case that has no case fans. So my guess is that a retail fan is pretty decent.

    Or the other end is AMD is going to send a fan that is barely going to do the job, and is going to cost them the least so their profit is bigger, you could also toss in they want your chip to die sooner so you buy another one but thats a little extreme.

    I'd still go with the fan is probably decent, but of coarse with the right after market fan you have nothing to worry about.
  2. it will run over 50C with the retail fans with 2 case fans. basiclly cheepo amd ships a cheepo fan with their cpus.
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