Windows XP locks up w/ serious errors

alright, i've had this problem for a while and have tried a number of things. What happens is that as i use my computer out of nowhere i will right click on my desktop or on an IM and nothing will appear, when that happens i know everything will just go downhill from there. Sometimes when i try to open up IE it won't even open, and when i do get it open the file, edit, view, etc. buttons are missing at the top. To top it off, other programs won't start. The cure for this seems to be to exit aim (if it lets me since right clicking on aim doesn't do anything sometimes) and reload it. I got so pissed that i reformated my hard drive, only to see the problem return! I don't know what the hell is going on, it seems like my computer is doing some black magic on me, and i'm scared.

I thought the problem might have been the modified uxtheme.dll that i'm using, but i had used it for months prior to this problem occuring and other computers throughout the house are working without a hitch with the modified dll. If anyone knows what is going on or how to fix it, please let me know, i really have no clue where to look now, i've posted in various places and no one seems to have the answer.

I'm running windows xp pro sp1, NOTHING is overclocked, and i have completely checked for viruses and spyware, what's going on!?!?
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  1. I don't use AIM, but if exiting that program fixes things, it's probably that. In one way or another....

    All the p2p and im programs are beta at best. They're bloated and usually the first thing you should look at if you have a problem.

    Maybe another version of AIM would do the trick?

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  2. I found that SP1 was the problem to my instability issues. After doing a clean install and only updating pre-SP1 fixes & <A HREF="" target="_new">XPdite</A>, my system has been so much more stable than before.


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  3. I do not think that the problem is aim. It now happens regaurdless of what i do with AIM. I installed music match jukebox and i can't even open it! It just gives me the startup screen and then nothing appears. I'm starting to think that it might be SP1 as well. First i am going to put back the original uxtheme.dll and see if that helps, but if i not going to be able to use SP1 that's gonna suck pretty bad considering there are supposed to be a lot of usefull fixes in this service pack. What's weird is that i have had no problems like this on any other systems.
  4. This sucks. Why would SP1 do this to some, but not others?

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  5. because Microsoft is the devil
  6. Bill Gates is probably counting his money, and laughing his ass off at us, for buying his packaged headaches.

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