Rookie Building System

Hi, I am fairly new to the computer scene, but I am a believer in the saying, "Build your own, you'll love it more." In that spirit, I am building my system based on the following parts:

iMix 995j case w/300w power supply
Epox 8K7A
Duron 750- I'll probably run it at 7.5x133=1Ghz
PowerCooler heatsink and fan
265 Mb Mushkin PC2100
Acer 56x CDRom
Samsung 30.7 Gb 5400 RPM Hard Drive
Standard Mouse, keyboard, speakers

My questions are
1. Is there a particular order in which to install the drivers to avoid conflicts?
2. I have a Hercules 3D Prophet 4500 and a Gainward MX400 w/4.0 ns ram (Golden Sample) which GPU do you guys think is better?
Any help that you guys offer would be greatly appreciated.

If I were any more ordinary, it would be extraordiary...
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  1. Personally I go with the Via drivers 1st; then video sound etc. don't forget updates.

    If using W2K don't forget SP1&2. I would do that 1st and possibly skip the via's. Not too sure of that. Would like to hear some expert opinions on that.

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  2. Go with the Via 4 in 1's first? Even though my board is based on the AMD 761 chipset? Will they still work, I was under the impression that those drivers were for VIA based boards. I have them, but I thought that there would be better drivers customized for the 761's. Help, my girlfriend already thinks I am crazy and I need you guys to bail me out.

    If I were any more ordinary, it would be extraordiary...
  3. They are not for the AMD chipset but the Northbridge (or South, forget which is which). In other words there are 2 board cntrollers and one of yours may be a Via.

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  4. Thanks, I looked again at the Epox website, and the VIA 686B chipset is also on the board. That would be the purpose of loading the VIA drivers...Maybe with help from you guys I can do this thing right. Thanks again.

    If I were any more ordinary, it would be extraordiary...
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