Need expert advice on case cooling strategy

I'm building a new system. I've been doing some preliminary research, and I think I've decided on the Coolmaster ATC-101 for my case. I need help devising a strategy to cool my cpu and system. I don't know which ps, internal fans, hs, or hsf to get, or how many for that matter. Money isn't an object, but practicality a degree. So if it were up to you, how would you do it?

BTW, I'm thinking on a TB 1.3 with minor ocing, running on an Abit kg7
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  1. I'm not sure what you mean by "practicality". I'll assume you mean that you don't want to just generally go overboard with it.

    The CoolerMaster cases are supposed to be pretty good, but I haven't seen too many reviews on them. They must not be doing a very good marketing job.

    Is noise an issue? That makes a difference in your HSF (HeatSink and Fan). I'd recommend <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> heatsink, although it's a bit pricey. The SK6 comes in two versions there, quiet and loud.

    For a power supply, check <A HREF="" target="_new">these</A> out. Flat $4 for shipping from them. Get the biggest one you feel like dropping money for :)

    For fans, I'd say just get ones that will fit in that case's built-in ports. Specifically, 3 80mm fans. Again, if you don't mind noise, get powerful ones. If you hate noise, then get some weaker ones.

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  2. search for "sx840"
    This is a really nice case by Antec. It includes a 400 Watt power supply and is $109 plus $20 to ship. I personally have the Antec SX830 ($69). It is the same case with a 300 Watt PS. This case has two rear 80mm fans with the option to add three 80mm fans in the front. All three fans induce air into the case. One fan also forces air across the hard drives. I would recommend the Sunon 80mm fan for 5$ at the following link. It has a 39CFM rating which is pretty high for an 80mm fan. If you need more air cooling beyond this buy a dremmel tool and get two YS Tech 120mm fans that produce 131.5 CFM.
  3. Is this SK6 better than Noise Control's Silverado? How does it compare to the Swiftech MC462?

    Your response about practicality was correct. I want massive cooling performance, that is relatively quiet. I don't want to add fans by cutting the case. I realize that there will be a point of diminishing returns where cooling and sound levels are concerned. I would like to stop just short of that point where to get any more cooling effectiveness, I'd need to go up in sound level substantially. That's why I'm fond of Noise Control's Silverado. I know it's not the best cooler, but it is damn near the quietest.

    I'm also not set in stone about the case. I'm open to other ideas. The only things I do know are that I want a fast Athlon, an Abit KG7, 512MB PC2400 memory, and a GF3. AND that I want to keep all this gear cool.

    It's been 10 years since I've built a system, and everything has changed, especially cooling requirements. I can use all the help I can get getting back up to speed about building "The Duck's guts"!

    Any and all help is appreciated IMMENSLY,
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