What type of keyboard should I buy?

So I am currently looking for a new mechanical gaming keyboard, but I cannot choose between the following:

1a. AZIO Levatron Mech 5
2. Cooler Master Storm Trigger
3. Razer Blackwidow 2013

or even:
1b. Logitech G13 Advanced Gameboard.

I want it to be mechanical (I am a typist), have macro keys (I also am a heavy gamer in FPS's), and is preferably under $150. I am open to other suggestions for keyboards, and any help is well appreciated.

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  1. quite a few gamers prefer cherry mx black keys (no tactile feedback and no auditory feedback) while touch typists often prefer mx blue or similar keys (tactile feedback and auditory feedback).

    are you sure the g13 is mechanical? to my knowledge logitech doesnt make a mechanical board.

    the razer keyboards are overpriced for what they are but they do work. my gripe is that they absolutely do not support a ps/2 adapter. the gloss finish is a pain to keep clean as well. the good thing is that they use cherry mx blue keys.

    i'm not so sure about the others you listed.

    outside your budget but perhaps worth looking into are any of the products from deck, das or wasd keyboards. in general these seem to be regarded more highly then the others.

    if you want a truly indestructible keyboard and are perfectly content with only a 2 key rollover and no macro keys then the buckling spring keyboard made by unicomp labeled the customizer is a great keyboard. they are designed after the original ibm model m which is nigh legendary in mechanical keyboard history. i can definitely tell you from experience that there is no keyswitch which is superior (they use buckling spring keyswitches). the price is great too compared with your other choices.

    just a few ideas...
  2. You can consider GIGABYTE's mechnical keyboard called Osmium. The pricing can meet your budget. I like the key press of its red switch.. basically, I don't like the position of marco key is on the left-hand side of keyboard

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