p4 G2Mx (1140 3dmarks)

My step father recently purchasssed a new system

Pentium 4 1.4 GhZ
256MB PC800
64mb (actually unsure of the type of ram) GeFforce2 Mx
running Win ME

point being is, i installed alll latest drivers
(detonator 3 and 850 chipset)
and it gets 1140 3dmarks (2001)
im shocked
it gets g00d fps in half life, 1280x960, 42 fps, no choke

could any1 think of what is happening here?
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  1. The MX is definitely the bottleneck. You say it gets "good" fps in halflife, 42? That is good? I get 70 with my Kryo II and a PIII450. You didn't mention which MX you got, the original MX, the MX400 (which issn't much better than original MX i heard) or the horrible MX200. I think it is the MX causing the problem. I am not familiar with 3dmark however, so I don't know how low that score is but I am sure it is low.
  2. Def. the gef 2 MX. Get a GTS or 3 and your performance will boost up. But for normal use a gef. 2 mx is fine, unless you are an hardcore gamer :)
  3. Those scores are typical of an MX200.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  4. I get about 2000 in 3dmaks2001 1024*768*32. I have a normal MX and a DURON 800. I think maybe you got a MX200 there your scores are horrible.....
  5. ups... I saw your mx had 64mb ram. I dont think mx200 has got more than 32mb ram.
  6. one more thing:

    I get max 99 fps in cs (1024*768)
  7. Do you really get 99fps in CS? My Ultra does, and I got PIII 1gig as well, but I am in 1280x960x32. But then again, your max is 99, does it stay there? Mine never dips below 99 (ok it does, but only for a split second), even through flashlights and smoke grenades.
  8. i got 4200 with a athlon thunderbird 900 256 megs of pc 133 and a geforce 2 mx with 32 megs of sdr... so i dont know why people are saying the graphics card is the problem... im thinking you have some settings to change... badly set up box...

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  9. of course my frames drops way below under 99 when there is heavy action.
  10. are you sure you are talking about 3DMARK2001 in 1024*768*32.
    With your rig you should have score under 2500.
  11. Yes MX200's can come in 64meg versions, Best Buy sells them for over a hundred fricking dollars. Pure Crap and very misleading since what people see is the GeForce2 plastered all over it then the small MX200. Next to it is a Radeon 32mb SDR for like $76 which would cream the MX200, but of coarse people see the 64mb, the GF2 print and the higher price and buy it instead not knowing the pure crapola they just purchased.

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  12. Reads toms article about the BIOS ... look in your BIOS and make sure you are running at 4x mode with fast writes enabled and video BIOS cachable enabled. Also make sure to optimize your RAM. And make sure NO programs are running in the background... do a ctl-alt-del and make sure only explorer and systray is running and close everything else out.

    That should give you another 1000 points ... maybe ....

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  13. Get coolbits and tweak that sucker, get that here >
    <A HREF="http://www.dansdata.com/v7100.htm" target="_new">http://www.dansdata.com/v7100.htm</A>

    Check this out for info on GF2 >
    <A HREF="http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1268" target="_new">http://www.anandtech.com/showdoc.html?i=1268</A>

    My GF2MX can be clocked to GF2GTS default ratings(wow factor.lol), then it gets a little problem with artifacts.

    Iam almost getting double the 3D marks as what you are getting>> (edit)OOps thats for
    3D2001, get 4550 in 2000 i think. whatever (end of edit).., do this at your own risk too. Little step at a time.
    <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by scotty3303 on 07/27/01 02:58 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  14. *grin*
    I get around 6380 with my 1.6 GHz Tbird and geforce3 running 215/515 GPU/MEM

    3d mark 2001, not 2000.
    I'd probably get over 10,000 in 2000, hmmm I should test it out.
  15. oh yea, if you wouldn't have wasted your money on a Pentium 4 and RDram you could have gotten Tbird with DDR ram and a nice geforce 2 ultra, but you must be a die hard intel fan and not really care about actually have a fast system.
  16. Yeah well, if i was a richman............GF3 would be very nice. Thinx I would double 2000-2001 Marks.
    I have said it before, we in far away Australia have to wait for 6 months at least for that cargo ship to arrive then another 6 months before we can afford it.

    :cool: Go stick that in ya pipe and smoke it!
  17. Thats about my score too oni, altho my cpu is clocked a little lower, what mobo you running, I have kt7a raid.
    My Elsa is clocked slightly higher than yours too.(230/530)
    making up for the 50mhz (cpu)you have on me hehe.

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  18. On 1.33 Tbird and Asus V7100 pure original MX I get 2750 in 3dmark 2001 and 5600 in 3dmark 2000

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  19. I have an Epox 8k7a+ but I wasn't 100% stable at 1.6 GHz due to some heat problems but when I move my computer soon it won't be a problem. So right now I'm running 1.5 GHz with a 10 multiplier so 150 MHz FSB!!
    I'm gonna check my 3d mark scores now
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