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I am wanting to print discs with my Canon IP4850 printer.

However I wish to print directly from Word 2010 as this suits my purposes better. I have setup a page with a circle for the disc and wording to be grinted laid out.

How do i get the IP4850 to recognise my word document to print to disc??

Actually I am just wishing to mail merge data to print individualised discs, somehow??
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  1. To print direct to disc with Canon printer you must use CD-LabelPrint for Windows:

    Microsoft Word and other printing applications cannot issue the necessary commands to manipulate the Canon CD Tray and to ensure that it's in the correct position for successful printing in the right place on the disc.

    The CD LabelPrint application also automatically sets the printer to use the CD Tray. Other apps can't do that, and on my printer at least (iP 4200) there's no button to do that manually.
  2. Thanks Phil,

    I appreciate your experience in this.
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