Poor TB 1.2ghz..........fired?

my friend just bought his new combo 2 monthes ago.

Asus A7A
TB 1.2ghz (266)
Maxtor 40ghz
Creative SB Live Value
MSI Geforece2 GTS 32mb
Toshiba 16X DVD
Creative 4x4x24 CDRW (old)

that happened yesterday, when he was playing Black&White, the screen just went black, and the power supply seems fired, he could see some fire and smoke come out from the Power Supply...(that was the old ATX 250w PS, used to run in a p3 system).
later on, he installed a new 300w power supply, there were some weird things comes out... he didn't even need to push the power button from he front of the case, the fans were running, and the IDE leds were on. but there's still no screen on.. so he called me for helps last night.
and i took his Video Card, DVD ROM and Hard drive to my house. i pluged the DVD Rom in first, the BIOS can't even detect the DVD rom. then i tried the hard drive, i discovered that the hard drive was not loading. then i tried the Video Card, "DARD" no screen...
i think my friend fired up his whole system... but why is that? and i can't test the CPU and MB for him, coz i am using Intel.
does anyone think there should be something still good? how about the CPU and MB?
and the heat from his CPU is mad high, he didn't overclock, and the CPU cooler is with a Delta 38CFM 6800RPM fan, but still can't get under 50C.

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  1. First of all the 250w is way too small. Minimum 350w. 300 might work though.
    The components might be fried but I would check again. My 1.2 won't boot to the HD from my old PC (BSOD, "a hardwar error has occurred") even though when I use it as a "slave" and boot to my "master" it will let me access the files and everything else. What heatsink does he have. I have a copper Gladiator with Delta fan and it is supposed to be one of the best but still runs mid 40's C. Don't trust Asus Probe temp readings either, they run 10 deg higher than actual. Download Motherboard Montitor 5 or check the temps in the bios Hardware Monitor.
  2. Wow, nice post.

    I love to read positive Intel posts =)

    I think im starting to cry...
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