PC Monitor for RIFT IPS or 120hz?

I am very 50/50 right now..
I know IPS is vibrant in color, but the 120hz is paramount for smoothness.
I am curious if anyone has experience in dealing with this situation?
Should I risk smoothness for color and possible tearing? or Go for smooth and risk the color?
I guess what I am asking is if the difference is really that huge in IPS vs 120hz.. I am in northern Japan and can't run to a Bestbuy like I could back at home.
P.S. - My new rig can handle the upgrade with the 120hz so it will make a difference in the smoothness in the game.. RIFT bossess can pack a latency punch. I just want a monitor to allow the best gaming for the loaded fights with people. Do you think the IPS could keep up?
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  2. What kind of FPS do you get in Rift without v-sync on? From my experience, Rift was pretty CPU bound, preventing high FPS. If this is still true, or true for you, you may find that you'll see more improvement from the IPS monitor. Though I personally love the 120hz monitor I have for most gaming.
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