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Hey, I have an old tablet pc that i'm trying to get xp on. Of course it doesn't have an optical drive, and doesn't support USB booting. With windows 7, i can put the hard drive in another laptop i have sitting here, let it copy the Windows 7 files, the stick the drive in the tablet, and it installs fine, and works perfectly. The problem is, None of the hardware supports windows 7. So i figured i would just copy the files from my xp cd onto my flash drive, then run xp from windows and install it, but Windows 7 blocks xp. I want to know if there's a way i can stop that from happening, so that i can install XP from windows 7.

Using this trick with XP has caused the tablet to blue screen every time. I also tried installing 98, so i could then upgrade it to xp. But It doesn't seem to like 98 either.

So if there's a way to install XP from 7, or any other tricks you can think of, id like to hear them. Thanks
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  1. first off...
    who is the manufacturer of the old tablet?
    what os came with it?
  2. Its a Fujitsu ST5010, and it came with XP Tablet PC Edition. Supposedly it was acquired from a hospital, but they pulled the HDD out of it.

    Its Got a Pentium M, 2GB ram (upgraded), and the HDD im using is 60GB i think.
  3. I have also read that you can network boot it, but i have no experience doing this.
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