Black Screen after opening Word document?

Hello, My Mom did a report for work on the computer and she called me over when she was done. I clicked save and a window popped up saying " Windows low on memory " or something. I know this is not the fact because I checked memory this morning and not even half of it was used. This is a new computer (approx 4 months) running windows 7. I closed the window and saved again. I went to documents and opened up the word file to double check it was saved ( due to previous incidents) and it went black. I pressed ctrl + alt + delete to see if I could exit, but no response. The computer is on, but I am hesitant to reboot the computer. Please help and I hope my moms work is saved. She has been working on it for 3 hours now. Thank you if you can reply and help me.

P.s. It is a Sony Vaio
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  1. Reboot and try to open the document from the last used files under start. If word is set to autosave, you might be able to open the most recent saved version. The message told you that the machine was low on ram, not disk space. That happens, if you don't save your work for a long time, like there hours.
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