athlon 1.33 vs. 1.4

is the 1.4ghz make a big difference over the 1.33?
I thought i remembered reading somewhere that the 1.33 was a big improvement over the 1.2, but the 1.4 wasn't much of a difference from a 1.33. is this true?
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  1. p4 1.4 = 3648
    1.2 =3823
    1.3 = 4058
    1.33 = 4135
    1.4 = 4292
    p4-1.8 = 4436

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  2. difference between 1333Mhz & 1200 = 133 = 11% increase in core speed.
    diff between 1333 & 1400 = 66 = 5% increase.
    (dont even want to think of the 1400 @ 200FSB)
    5% isnt very much, especially when considering that the memory bandwidth is exactly the same.
    it would be very difficult to spot the difference in everyday applications.

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  3. ahhh but all 1.4 GHz are the AYJHA stepping and I believe they all also come unlocked, so they are very good for overclocking. I was running at 1.6 GHz with a higher front side bus and it was extremely fast because I was still running cas 2-2-2 because of my Corsair PC2400 ram.
    Now because of heat I've settled for 300 MHz FSB and 10x multiplier simply running 1.5 GHz. But its much faster than 133x11.5 (1533 MHz) because of the majorly increased system bus.
  4. sweeeeeeet.
    ive got an older 1.2 on the 150mhz fsb using kingmax pc150.
    gotta love the increased bus speed :) :) :)

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
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