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I am looking at the Asus g53jw with core i7-740m in it. But having read some threads i think that i should probably wait for the new asus g53sw with i7-2630qm (the rest of the specs seem same to me). I have heard that the new i5-2520m is a good processor for gaming which is available in the Dell xps 15.
Can anybody compare these three and show the performance to cost advantage of these three processors so that i can decide on my laptop? :bounce:
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  1. I'd definitely recommend waiting for Sandy bridge CPUs because 2630QM is much faster than 740QM.
    2520M is also good for games and daily tasks
  2. The GTX 460m also supports optimus technology which sounds very good to me. But even with the new sandy bridge processors having an integrated gpu, Asus doesn't utilise this technology (as i have heard, correct me if i am wrong). This again raises the same question to me "Is the extra $$$$ worth the increased speed with no additional upgrades (which could have been there pretty easily)?"

    the i5 2520m has 2 cores + 2 due to hyperthreading. Doesn't this mean that the games wanting 4 cores can have 4 cores? :pt1cable:
    why have the quad core (and quite costly) i7 then? the clock speed for the 2520 is better than 2630, so it should be better for gaming right????? :pt1cable:
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    HypreThreading doesn't "add" cores to the CPU.i5 2520M has 2 cores but due toHT technology,it shows 4 cores in windows task manager.
    Also clock speed isn't everything,there are some games that benefit from more than 2 cores such as GTA IV,Porototype,BF:BC2 etc.
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  5. thanks Maziar for your reply.

    Can anybody update me if any laptop having gtx460m comes with optimus technology???
    Thanks in advance
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