Thats right! im bored :)
thus i am undertaking an underclocking experiment.
i can vary my fsb from 90 to 200, and my multiplier from 5 to 12.5.

to start with i naturally lowered my voltage to 1.65 then selected 5 x 90=450.
it didnt boot :(
it DOES however boot at 9x90 = 810
i will try progressively lower than 810 tonite
anybody else tried this just for fun?

might be useful one day if in the middle of high summer if your aircon & casefans simultaneously fail *grins*

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  1. did 5x90 POST? I think 5x90 is actually 14x90 as 5x is the new bios 'hack' to support 1400MhzB Athlons.

    I wouldn't lower the voltage below spec - even if you are underclocking. Lowering voltage may lead to unpredictable problems (don't ask me what) that may permanently effect your cpu.

    What was your cpu to start with?

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  2. yea I underclocked the other day, from 10.5 x 133 (1.4 GHz) to 10 x 133 (1.33 GHz) but then I went to 10 x 150 (really fast 1.5 GHz) and I'm happy because its CAS 2-2-2
  3. I'll kind of agree with that, but keep in mind, Intel and AMD both run their high end processors at lower Mhz and voltage below normal spec in laptops.
    too low is definately bad, but before it gets to a damaging point, he should have some serious instability.
    its is similar to overclocking without bumping up the voltage, its the same principle, same effect.
    it all comes down to how good the stepping of your processor is.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  4. why is lower voltage bad?
    the way I think about it if voltage is just to low it won't work right, just as if your overclocking. Its not bad to overclock and have to raise your voltage for more stability from what I've heard so having it to low would be the same woulnd't it?......
  5. thats kind of what I'm saying.
    Peteb said low voltage was bad, not me.
    I can see where it will make a problem on electric motors and such, but not on a processor...
    I suppose constant use at too low voltage might be harmful long term, but...
    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by 74merc on 07/27/01 01:36 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  6. i saw an articale where a guy took a 1.33 down to 1 gig and took the voltage down to 1.3

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  7. 1.2 down to 500 stock voltage

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  8. I got my TBird 900 to run at 450.

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  9. When clocking my 1 gig axia, I found at ran more stable at 1.7V (saw a post somewhere saying sometimes lower voltage is better), I had stability probs at 1333 even at 1.85V so tried going lower and was fine!!, ok, at lower voltage the temp will be lower so this could be a contributing factor here- but temp shouldnt be a problem soon once my watercooling project is underway :)

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  10. I was the one who posted about low voltage, my 1.33axia wont run stable @1.5 at 1.85 it ONLY runs stable at 1.7.....weird, but I think my 300W power supply is the reason, im getting an enermax 431 tonight.

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  11. I think my psu may also be underpowered, when I'm clocked at 1333, I run prome 95 or Genome@home and I can actually hear the PSU start to HUM, I could do with getting a higher powered PSU but have other things I need to spend my money on just now (unfortunately!), But I think that when I have my board out to fit my waterblock, I may well modify the case to take an extra psu (have spare ones) to power the drives and see if this makes a difference.

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  12. could be your power supply or it could just be you're near the processor's limit.
    that extra .15 volts could be what causes a hot spot...

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
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