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hi ive stubled accross a steam giveaway, it rerquires facebook likes, im 5 away from my goal of 60 for gta 4, and out of fb friends so i thought id ask in another comunity im part of for help so what do you say? can toms help me out with the last 5 i need? of course i will post back as soon as i hit 60 likes to tell wether o5r not its real, last time i got metro 2033 so im hopefull

thanx muchly
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  1. come on i thought toms was a diy gaming systems site? and no help with a steam giveaway? im going to top myself i dont understand the world anymore ;)
  2. i feel dumb, last one i did was legit, this has a button to click that isnt a button it a picture, filthy orrible cumts
  3. Check out steamgifts com you enter some giveaway and then the author randomly picks out a winner, it take a long time to win a game tho since a lot of people enter. BUT there's a scam sire called steamgifts ORG don't go to it you'll be ripped clean.
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