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Can old HP 520 printer run under win 7 -64bit ?

Last response: in Windows 7
January 26, 2013 11:03:47 PM

Hello everybody in this world,
I'd really like my very old HP Deskjet 520 printer to run under win7 64-bit
The printerdriver is not anymore supplied in the driver-database that comes with the OS.

HP customers-service says: not possible (driver update stopped with XP)
They got several so called Universal Print Drivers, I installed them one by one, but they make the printer just come to life, printing some rubbish on the first line and then loading the next sheet and printing some rubbish on first line then loading the next .....
Tried ad random to install some other HP printers (drivers), same results.

The original connection with the XP machine is an parrallel printer cable to LPT 1, the connection to the new Win 7 machine is an USB to parrallel cable.
Unfortunately I lost the original setup files, till now the printer ran smoothly on my XP- 32bit machine, I can see a fistfull of files in the printer server > properties , things like "unidrv.dll"
Would it be possible to transfer these files manually to the right places on the Win 7 machine ?
Thanks in advance for evry help or hint or workaround

PS if you wonder why I want to combine a state of the art Win 7 (I7 processor, 16 Gb ram etc) with an antique black & white printer: I'm a musician, the computer will become my DAW, but evryday I need to print some pages sheetmusic for my students.
a b \ Driver
a b $ Windows 7
January 27, 2013 12:16:01 AM

There are no drivers fir Win7 64 bit or 32 bit. This is a pretty old printer.
a b \ Driver
a b α HP
a c 416 $ Windows 7
January 27, 2013 12:41:47 AM

From HP Site:

Poducts not supported in Windows 7

HP Copyjet m Printer/Copier
HP Printer/Scanner/Copier 370
HP Printer/Scanner/Copier 380
HP 2000c Printer series
HP Deskjet 1000c Printer series
HP Deskjet 1100c Printer series
HP Deskjet 1180c Printer series
HP Deskjet 320 Printer series
HP Deskjet 6620 Printer series
HP Deskjet 995c Printer series
HP Deskjet portable Printer
HP Deskjet 510 Printer series
HP Deskjet 520 Printer series
HP Deskjet 525q Printer series
HP Deskjet 540 Printer series
HP Deskjet 550c Printer series
HP Deskjet 560c Printer series
HP Deskjet 560j Printer series
HP Deskjet 560k Printer series
HP Deskjet 670 Printer series
HP Deskjet 680/682c Printer series
HP Deskjet 692 Printer series
HP Deskjet 825c Printer series
HP Deskjet 850 Printer series
HP Deskjet 855c Printer series
HP Deskjet 880/882c Printer series
HP Deskjet 916c Printer series
HP Deskjet 995c Printer series
HP Deskjet Plus Printer
HP Photosmart 1000 Printer series
HP Photosmart 1100 Printer series
HP Photosmart 1115 Printer series
HP Photosmart 1215 Printer series
HP Photosmart 1218 Printer series
HP Photosmart 1300 Printer series
HP Photosmart 7345 Printer series
HP Photosmart 100 Printer series
HP Deskjet 630c Printer series
HP Officejet 300 All-in-One series
HP Officejet 500 All-in-One series
HP Officejet 5100 All-in-One series
HP Officejet 600 All-in-One series
HP Officejet 700 All-in-One series
HP Officejet Pro 1150c All-in-series
HP Officejet Pro 1170c All-in-series
HP Officejet t45 All-in-One series
HP Officejet t65 All-in-One series
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January 27, 2013 6:57:47 PM

Yep ss220sl and SR-71, thanks for the contributions, but I knew all that.
I'm trying to find a solution.
Or workaround.
March 2, 2014 11:02:59 AM

poetman said:
Yep ss220sl and SR-71, thanks for the contributions, but I knew all that.
I'm trying to find a solution.
Or workaround.

Probably far too late for Poetman but in case there are others still wanting to do this...

Our trusty old workhorse HP 520 is working fine in Windows 7 (32 bit).
In Control Panel/Devices and Printers click on Add a Printer. Ask for more printers to be shown. It took ages for that to happen but eventually it showed a list which included HP Deskjet 500 and HP Deskjet 500C. Select the appropriate one (Colour or not) and hey presto.
April 19, 2014 11:09:56 AM

I have Windows 7 64-bit and a wonderful Deskjet 520. The only workaround I've come up with is to install XP in addition to Windows 7 on the same machine and then create a dual menu. It sounds complicated but it works. It has worked fine for me for 4 years. Just boot to XP and the drivers are there. To create the dual menu I installed EasyBCD 2.0.2 which was free. There's lots of links out there on how to do this, though it's surprisingly straightforward.

I see EasyBCD is also available for Windows 8.1.