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Hi all,
I recently inherited a compaq presario 1245 laptop. It came with the RAM already upgraded to a total of 160MB, and the 3.2 GB hard drive already upgraded to a 20 GB drive.
My question is can I upgrade the processor? I tried asking compaq a few questions about motherboard specs so I could ascertain the feasablity of this project. They have replied rather acrimoniously that they can not tell me anything about the motherboard. (darn snooty if you ask me) I don't know the bus speed or anything and have yet to crack the case myself (though I have done hardware upgrades on other computers) The current proccessor is a 333MHZ AMD K-6 II. I'd like to put in a 500 MHZ or faster chip, but I don't know what cpu's would be compatable with my board. I thought about just buying a 500MHZ AMD K-6 II chip and swapping them out (assuming that minor of a change would not hurt the board) but I'd rather appoach an upgrade like this with a more informed view. If anyone can help, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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  1. If the chip is removable, Compgeeks carries higher speed mobile chips once in a while (although they don't tell you they're mobile) or you can look for them on pricewatch. The only problem I see is figuring out how to change the multiplier and bus speed. I would not be too surprize if that was impossible.

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  2. when and if you do.. look for a K6-2+ processor. ya know?

    good luck!

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  3. I had a chance to read the review on the K6 II+ and I agree. I wonder and hope that it would work.
  4. Yup, it's removable. I visited the compaq website a few weeks ago just to see if mere replacement would work. The procedures for removal and reinsertion are clearly noted on that very helpful website
    However, the site lacked info on the bus speed etc... other characteristics of the motherboard that one generally needs to know to determine the fastest, best processor that can be installed. (I tried just emailing compaq with these questions but i guess that info is as proprietary as some of the parts in the laptop.) I should have pretended to be a service tech rather than a consumer. Too late now.
    I'm tempted to just open the laptop up and see if there are any markings of any kind on the motherboard that might help me out, but I'd rather keep that option as a last resort.
  5. There could be any number of ways they set it at the factory. It could be set in BIOS, where you would most likely have to use Compaq's settup program. It could also be done by jumper. It could also be done with solder point, or "hardwired". It could also be configured on a non-errasable EPROM.

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