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Help! Advice on mechanical gaming Keyboard + mouse

Hey guys.,
The purpose of this is to get some advice on a new gaming keyboard and mouse from people with experience with some of the products. I do a lot of video editing and mmorpg gaming so i need a comfortable mechanical keyboard with macros and a wrist rest. Media keys/volume controls would also be useful and my computer sits right next to me and is lit with blue leds so a blue led backlit keyboard would be nice if possible. For keyswitches either red, brown or black sound fine. Sorry i know i am asking a lot but i'm open to suggestions. Here's the ones i've been looking at:

Azio Levetron Mech 5
Pros: Sliding macro rail(love this), extra macros on side, volume knob, detachable numpad, unlimited profiles
Cons: bad colour scheme, 6 key rollover, no led backlit

Gigabyte osmium
Pros: blue led backlit, volume + led wheel, macros, custom symbol replacement keys, colour changing led for profiles large wrist rest
Cons: keys arent individually backlit, macros are in an awkward spot, only 5 profiles

Corsair k90
Pros: individually backlit, macros, multimedia keys, onboard memory, 20 key rollover
Cons: macros are not mechanical, 18 keys seems a lot

Now onto the mice if you're still reading

Razer deathadder vs roccat kone +

Kone is cheaper and has changing leds but deathadder is well trusted

I am open to suggestions. If anyone wants to go the extra mile could they help me on mouse pads and if you make a suggestion a link to buy in a store in Australia would be awesome (PC case gear would be optimal as i can bundle shipping)

Thankyou if you've read all this and am looking forward to hearing your thoughts :hello:
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    first of all you would be well advised to read these:

    my answers to a recent post similar to yours:

    mechanical keyboard guide on hardforums


    first off i would suggest making led lighting and wrist wrests optional. this would expand your choices and you can easily buy keyboard mats with wrist wrests or seperate wrist wrests. leds are just for looks since you shouldnt be keyboarding in the dark anyways (the backlighting from lcd monitors damages your eyes in low light).

    as far as macro keys go, are they absolutely required? some of the higher end keyboards such as unicomp, deck, das and wasd do not feature them. alt+key commands or similar can normally be mapped out if macros are required in programs (this is the route i normally take). making this optional would expand your keyboard choices.

    you need to decide which is more important to you: gaming or work.

    cherry mx blue (or my personal choice is ibm/unicomps buckling spring) switches are best for typing since they feature key letoff (resistance goes to zero when key bottoms out), tactile feedback (the mechanical click you feel when this happens) and auditory feedback (the click you hear when this goes on). the 3 features i mentioned improve typing accuracy and typing speed.

    cherry mx black keyswitches have none of these features which is why quite a few people seem to prefer them for gaming. in essence they can be described as keys sitting on a spring. this design is not very good for typing however and even cheap rubber dome keyswitch keyboards are likely to offer better typing performance.

    there are also models which are a combination of both designs.

    in my other post you will read about how i often recommend unicomp since for typing i find their keyswitches to be the best. for gaming they also perform admirably. of course this is in my opinion and opinions may differ.

    when buying cheap keyboards often quality can vary quite a bit and it can often be hit or miss. i would suggest searching google for some reviews on the product you plan to buy. even well known products such as the razer mechanical keyboards have known issues.


    as far as mice go, razer products arent bad but do have known issues which i describe in the other keyboard post i linked. logitech products are usually a good choice as well. as long as there are no reported flaws in the software or product (read reviews) most any mouse should work as intended.

    i would however avoid r.a.t. mice since the design tends to make them break easily.


    just some information to help you make a decision.
  2. I don't like Cherry MX Blue switches used on Razer Blackwidow because of its noise. Gigabyte osmium featuring red switch and 45g of force could be a decent option recommended by some users on forums..
  3. cherry mx brown or similar would be best then. you want tactile feedback for typing.
  4. well , you can buy the blackwidow ultimate stealth version if you hate the noise :)
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