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  1. Now all of that would have been somewhat mildly impressive, if you weren't a condescending, self-centered, egotistical tool. Keep that in mind next time you post. People may actually like to read your opinions if you keep them civil.

    All the wassailing in the poad will not maketh the cracken bend any fustier. Think about it.
  2. and your insults and assumptions are to mean what? what is the meaning to your nonsense?

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  3. So what programs do you think needs to be made? Any current goals? Can you make a top 10 needed new program list? Meaning programs that are not represented by any other program. Do you have imagination? Sorry for all the questions but it is interesting to me if you can answer maybe a few of them. TAH TAH.

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  4. Well then if you've been troubleshooting for a while you know that all the code in the world doesn't amount to a hill of beens when you have the kinds of problems these guys face. Undersized coolers, power supplies, broken parts, misassembled parts, no knowlege of code required. I have over a thousand systems under my belt, all with warrantees.

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  5. i'm actually working on a checkbook program lol .. to balance my checkbook.. but i ran into a brick wall so i went out and spent 10 bucks on a nice program - titanium checkbook .. did everything i want it too and more and it gave me ideas i never thought of. like security and some other ideas complicated to talk about in words.

    imagination? lol... check out my bugs invade game lol ... it's cool i think.. but i made it so ...

    here is my webpage..


    try out the game.. the source code of the game is included for your learning experience.. the library however has been formated so i don't have it nor would i even give that to you even if i did lol .. but it's there check it out! it was a lot of fun to make! and i think that should answer most of your questions once you at least look at the code from the game... more then likely it won't work but it's only 100k and why not just try it out and see if it does work.

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  6. of course.. coding and networking and IT are all different fields.. funny thing is though is that i wanna try 3D animation... make movies.. *shrugs* looks like a lot of fun.

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  7. i missed some questions i noticed ...

    "So what programs do you think needs to be made? "

    any program that you want is out there already. When coding you never code something new you always update existing code. So the answer to your questions is that everything has already been done it's just improved as time goes by.

    "Any current goals? "

    i think i mentioned the current goals hmmm... basicily learn as much as possible before going back to college which is UB.

    "Can you make a top 10 needed new program list?"

    everything has been done in my opinion - however have you people noticed in NT or 9x there is a button that says yes or yes to all or no. never a button that does no to all! lol whats up with that! It wouldn't be hard to program that either.. just copy the code from "yes to all" and change all the flags ... i dunno ...

    "Do you have imagination?"

    look at the code from the game that should answer that. heh

    "Sorry for all the questions but it is interesting to me if you can answer maybe a few of them. TAH TAH."

    lol no problem!

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  8. i got started in Johnys Beach House Arcade with my brother when i was about ten. i had a paper route and blew all my subscription money on Donkey Kong. my dad had to pay back all the money, but i did have the high freakin score!

    I am the master of my Brother word processor. i have hacked its registry so i can actually type twice as fast as the next guy.....damn im good. Plus, i can code in Basic all day and not get anywhere! can you say that? Hopefully, some day i can get an Ibm Pc jr and really teach you guys a thing or two!

    ignore everything i say
  9. Thanks for the reply, I will check out your game and thanks for the link. Now don't assume everything has been done under the sun with programming. That is why I asked about if you have imagination. Here are some programs that don't exist but are now possible with the right system.

    1. Excercise program where a 3d figure takes you through a tour of excercises in real time:
    . . a. You take body measurements of your body as in waist, thighs, arm thickness, neck, lengths of everyting etc. etc. etc.
    . . b. The body on the screen will match your own body after you input the data.
    . . c. A picture scan of your face could be done and mapped on the face so that you have a representation of you on the screen.
    . . d. Using data as you progress you can calculate what different excercise routines will have on your body in the future and your progress will also be there.
    . . e. You can compare your orginal look to the present look and beyond, (motivational)
    . . f. Program will automatically determine if the excercises you are doing are effective and shift the routine as necessary.
    . . g. Weightloss could be predicted as well as calorie usage.
    . . h. Simple monitoring devices such as heart rate could aid the program into optimizing your work out for maximum results.
    . . i. You will see the perfect form for each excercise that your body should make at any view angle
    . . j. Overlay of muscle on skeleton view point to see which muscles you are working in real time during the excercise.
    . . k. Perfect for health clubs and home use by making it also network capable with a database of each person.
    . . l. New excersises can be inputed into program for analysis of which muscles will be used bases on body mechanics.
    . . m. Handicapped people can input joints or areas that are limited, program finds alternate ways to excercise those areas to minimize possible injury etc. A.K.A bad lower back - program does a different routine for strengthening upper body and stomack muscles.
    (That is one program that does not exist but now with the GF3 and Rad2 with programmable vertex shaders it is possible. Maybe difficult to program since it is new but it is possible now.)

    2. Martial Art training program.
    3. Dance training program.
    4. Rocket theory and construction program, Mission Mars. You design and test your own rockets.

    Your imagination is the limit, if you don't have it then you will have to work for someone that does. A program that doesn't exist and if useful will have the greatest chance of making money for you. Take example of Quicken. I thought the above in 10 minutes, so can you. Only problem is that I don't have the programming experience as you do, I am learning but it does take time. Any idea how I can learn faster to program?

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  10. very interesting

    i never even thought about it *shrugs* then again it was 1am ... hmm... so basicly more programs related to health then database and server applications and system software.. and of course games. That would boost the computer industry because just think how fast of a processor you would need to run those health applications... and it must not crash ... with todays "stuff" i don't think we are advanced enough yet... we still have slow processors (in my opinion for health programs) and the computers still crash (thank bill gates). The graphics cards i think have just hit that mark where they are fast enough. I think the video section is far more advanced then the cpu and system app technology.

    In 5 years you'll be buying nvidia processors and intel and AMD will be playing catchup ... you'll be buying linux 2005 system apps instead of windows-crashed-my-computer 2005... heh .. just a thought.

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  11. >>When coding you never code something new you always update existing code.<<

    What a crock of [-peep-]! Sorry xx, but I've been doing this ALOT longer than you and that is total crud.

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  12. well then tell that to my professor who has a masters degree and has been doing programming a LOT longer then you! I'm just repeating what she said ... she said you update existing code and rarely make up new code.

    edited to keep my cool ....

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  13. you say you have imagination and point to your bugs invade game......lol, it looks like an exact copy of space invaders. That is not imagination. Why don't you program something original....then you can say you have imagination.
  14. [-peep-] you!

    starcract warcraft .. ya ... mmhmm... command and conquer .. dune they are all the same!... doom, hectic, quake 3 half life... all the same! so shut up you don't even know the meaning of orginality! have you played my game!!!!! it is nothing like space invaders dumb ass! you suck! the fact is you can NEVER make a game EVER! why don't you take your comments and shuv it up your ass! at least i can make a game! you ignorant nobody loser who says someones game sucks but can't even make one themselves! hypocrite!

    your like the person that says "that football player sucks" ... but the fact of the matter is that you suck more then him and you can NEVER play on any team ever! just like you can never make any game cos you suck! loser!

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  15. sorry, you are right, you are so qualified, you took some programming classes and passed them....what was I thinking insulting someone of your talent? I mean, come one, you have been in the computing industry what, 2 years or so. Oh wait, I forgot, when you were 9 you had a 486 (not to mention you were the only one on the block to have one). You are one qualified son of a bitch. I am surprised Blizzard of Microsoft or Intel hasn't hired you as a program manager to manage new programs. I mean, come on, you have one damn good imagination and are more than qualified with that Associates in CS and that 486 you had when you were 9. ROTFLMAO
  16. Hey if your programs behave the same way you do I really wouldnt want them on my system.

    BTW I will send you 20cents...so you can call someone who gives a damn.

    :cool: Go stick that in ya pipe and smoke it!
  17. you speak nothing but bs and you have no idea what your talking about. your assumptions make you look like an ass. have you forgottin i'm still in school?

    you make no sense at all. when did i say i was qualified? i just said i made a game i also made a compiler. the fact is you can't!

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  18. [-peep-] off.. people asked for my so called qualifactions jack ass

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  19. You implied your qualifications in the post heading, and what an intelligent reply..thankyou kind sir..

    :cool: Go stick that in ya pipe and smoke it!
  20. ya now compare that with your reply i think i was being pretty polite... if you were so mature you would have ignored it and not even bothered saying anything... what you said was a waste of time and energy... have fun with your arrogant selves i'm outa here.. i can't take such stupidity and lack of skills to even have a intelligent dialouge. do you even know what it is? it's a conversation which most of you lack! get real! hypocrite!

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  21. >>well then tell that to my professor who has a masters degree and has been doing programming a LOT longer then you! I'm just repeating what she said ... she said you update existing code and rarely make up new code.<<

    Your professor is a complete moron then. I too have a masters degree and have been programming for 12 years in the real world. Your professor probably went straight from getting her degree to teaching because she couldn't get a job. Don't put too much faith in your professor, she sounds like an idiot.

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  22. naw - she actually didn't like it so she went on to teaching. programming isn't exactly fun in her perception. She is a very good teacher btw. She was a programmer for nasa or something; she programmed missles and all that - sounds super boring. I think it depends on where you work too.

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  23. "have fun with your arrogant selves i'm outa here"

    So why are you still posting? I was hoping that you were being serious.
  24. Unless your like me attending MIT and teaching myself <i>C Sharp</i>, I would keep my mouth shut.
    BTW--C/C++, Basic, Assembly, and Pascal are very easy to learn....try teaching yourself Scheme.

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  25. i'm not you.. surprise! you sound like a very boring angry person with your nonsense reply.

    "keep your mouth shut" ya that was very intelligent... let me guess you spent all night coming up with that? the whole point of my post was to hear from everyone else and give everyone else a chance to write about themselves.

    i swear some of you people have no social skills at all! i don't care if you goto harvard it doesn't mean your smart *look at the president! can u believe he went to harvard!?*

    so why don't you shut your mouth since you have nothing intelligent to say that can start a dialouge (intelligent conversation between 2 or more people)!

    please do not reply if thats all you have to say is rhetoric (Language that is elaborate, insincere, intellectually vacuous(Lacking intelligence; stupid.))!

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  26. Whats the point of all this? If someone DID ask for your qualifiation, it would have been wiser to reply there and then in that thread in less cynical manner.

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    today itself's too late; the wise lived yesterday
  27. Yeah... Keep telling us stuff. I'm having a great time here ;) You're a catch, for any software firm.

    Man, get your ass over to Europe, and see how far you'll get there. So what if you made your own compiler? Big deal! I have lots of friends making much more impressive stuff than that - but that's not important. You're socalled game, Bugs, doesn't even work properly all the time.

    What's up with that? And yeah... your teacher... No wonder software is faulty, if she keeps learning you guys to copy 'n paste. Take an education, sure, but don't you dare trying to teach guys that know how this game really is, how the rules are.

    You sound like you masturbate to pictures of your self (or your [-peep-] game) - THAT'S how egocentric you sound. Tried the game, BTW. Awesome...!

    I was 7 when I programmed my first game, and it looks somewhat like the one you made, but I made mine on the C64 using basic. So what? That's not something I usually go around telling ppl. I made a raytracer once. Pretty cool, but what does it do, besides make me scratch my head for a couple of hours? Nothing. So what? You made a compiler. Try using my friends OS. Unless he deleted it.

    He doesn't exactly brag about his HTML/PHP/JSP/ASP/PERL, and certainly doesn't put that on his web site! Besides, your page was awefull. It's terrible.

    Go look for impressive stuff, and that'll kick you to the ground so hard you'll never get up again. The real world is waiting baby.

    BTW: Your teacher didn't have anything to do with the space shuttle Challenger, did she? Would explain a lot..
  28. i did reply to him.. then i thought it would be cool to post in general and then other people can reply back and write about themselves also. (in the end i asked what are your qualifactions) And then i can read about other people and go wow and ask questions and have a dialogue and exchange knowledge. Instead i'm going oh my god people are more stupid then i thought. people posted rhetoric and nonsense and came in with mouths wide open, brains shut down, and gunned away their chance to write about themselves and have a cool conversation or dialogue. It was your assumption otherwise.

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  29. Actually I'll extend my reply to you. You seem like a very angry kid. Sounding a bit like I would have, when I was at school.

    There are plenty of people can program like that if they wanted to. For example, Until I started this graduate job, I never had a job in my whole life. I just wasn't bothered. I liked life as it was. When I needed money I just asked around if anyone needed a computer. The best deal I did was build a friends relative an "office solution" (computers, network, network printer, appropriate software etc.). That was when I was 16 or 17. The system wasn't much but it was what they needed and it got me "in the money", over £2k. More than most other kids my age working in McD's.

    I did some programming in visual basic around that time too. Got into trouble, now and then for locking out my CS teachers network account and planting silly virii/trojans to change DOS command line prompt to display the password and stuff. <font color=red>[- Deleted, because apparantly I was being a manipulative bastard -]</font color=red> School was pretty fun days for me. I didn't study as much as I should have, but I don't mind how life's turned out for me. School was more than an educational facility. It was a social place and thats what I enjoyed from school. At Uni I pulled my act together. Made a pool game, cryptography programs and XML processors (I was one of the first to work with that). Still pissed around far too much to get any good grades. So, just becuase people aren't doing the "same level of work" as you, doesn't mean they can't. Respect the people around you, when things get screwy, they're the people you gotta count on. And don't blag about what you got, cos unless its a world record, theres always someone round the corner who can out do you.

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  30. wow! impressive! LOL!!! I bow down to you! I'm not worthy!!! oh please master, teach me how to code "hello world" in masm.

    you make any "wet behide the ear" newbie look real good!

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b>...you are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  31. I know friends that have a real life and banged more chicks then you. Not to mention can rig any car to add more horse power. Or manage a business for webpages or take a piece a [-peep-] car and turn it into something worth more then your piece of [-peep-] import.

    you my friend are lacking communcation skills with people. Get off the computer and socialise! When you first approach someone you don't start screaming at them and yell and then expect them to hear your life story. It makes you look like an ass. I've done that many times - make myself look like an ass- it's not cool... unless you don't like someone then it doesn't matter.

    Now reply back with less of an additude and I might actually read it.

    a'duh i know other people are more fortunate then me. the whole point of it was too see what other people do and go wow and ask questions.. but once again you prove to me how stupid and angry the world really is.

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  32. Just for once, I'm going to try and actually be nice to you. You seem to at least have the beginnings of some skill. Here's some constructive criticism though, you've got to lose your attitude if you want to make it anywhere in this world.

    I swear, your fuse is shorter than a hair trigger. If you would stop attacking everyone, maybe people might actually like you.

    Just a thought for you to mull over.

    -Intelicide: The act of marketing overriding engineers to kill a product before it can be released.
  33. Oh yeah. And, as the old saying goes (which remains to be pretty accurate from what I've seen), "Those who can, do. Those who can't, teach."

    -Intelicide: The act of marketing overriding engineers to kill a product before it can be released.
  34. I wouldn't worry about or waste to much time with such comments. Anyways what goals do you have in programming. What are you shooting for. You know, like 3d programming or more business orientated. Scientific programming, game programming etc. Seems like there are alot of different areas that someone can specialize at. Really the computer industry is at its infancy and so is programming, your colledge instructor choice to teach vice program is honorable but not reaching nor far reaching. Anyone can innovate, one day a 3d interface will be used expanded to beyond 2d of today. Speach will be used more to operate your machine and maybe you will even have a logical debate with your machine. All these in time will be done and it will take allot of programming. So I do hope you have an imagination and also consider other viewpoints to help you along. Even an idiot can speak the truth sometimes and have a fleeing good idea, so pay close attention and don't get to upset with irratating people, some of those may become your best friends. Just some suggestions for you to consider.

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  35. ahhh .. now this is better ... excuse my last post for it is now unnecessary since now we can talk with all the BS aside.

    You are right to a certain extent. Confidents compared to pure arrogants; confidents outweighs arrogants and confidents can sometimes be seen as arrogants. So it is a catch 22. If you're confident other people see you as arrogant (or just jealous because they cannot be so confident with themselves so they lash out to the person who is confident and make him feel bad and himself feel good and to lower him to his own level because he is afraid of him and his confidents) however if your arrogant then you are arrogant.

    Now this has become off topic way off topic in the cpu forum.. first it was just sillyness with all the rhetoric talk ... my post i don't think was arrogant but just showed confidents and people see that as arrogance. That is your assumption however not mine. You could have first just pointed out such arrogance and i would have replied - it is not arrogance but confidents.

    the whole purpose of the post was to see what other people do. Give people a chance to write about themselves and so everyone can go.. wow how can i do that .. and then you reply back and explain it ... dialogue - exchange of intelligence and ideas or a conversation, same thing.

    "If you would stop attacking everyone, "

    who have i attacked? I just posted a post about peoples qualifications and everyone replied back (hoping it was about other peoples qualifications ) and just got rhetoric -pointless waste of time and energy. I started with mine and i asked about yours - to write about yourself... feel confident for once to show off and everyone can go thats cool - but you can do it this way and it'll make things faster or easier or better. a dialogue is very powerful learning tool. it helps to accept that you are wrong and they are right. stubborness is only foolishness

    next time instead of having guns blazing - stop and just think if it is neccessary. go through the entire thread and see how many people have just attacked me and i just came back and said you are making no sense.

    *shrugs* it is long but some corrective criticism for yourself.

    i was wrong with the way i said i perhaps could have wrote to appear less arrogant. :)

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  36. very well said! Irritation has a lot to do with no sleep and caffien and getting up for work at 6:30am and reading a bunch of crap (no offense).

    My unrealistic goal is to start a business. what? don't know thats why it's unrealistic.

    My next two years will make a huge deciding factor rather or not i design microprocessors, 3D animation, Operating system programming or general programming. I am still undecided - i have a lot of learning yet to do. One thing is for sure, networking, i dislike it. My goal in programming is to make games with blizzard. that would be very cool. Designing microprocessors would be fun up to a point i would imagine. programming is only fun where there are graphics in my opinion. so i'm very undecided... the market is just so huge.

    what about you? enough about me.. i'm just some stupid college student. what are your goals and such?

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  37. Well I finished by career running Naval Nuclear Reactors and I am in the interim in what I will do next. Computers are my interest, I am dabbling in C++ and the learning curve to do something productive, at least for me is steep. I too like the 3d part of computers and virtually hate the busniness end of computers but then that is me. Looks like vertex and pixel shader programmers will be in need with the new wave of capable GPUs. Frankly I won't consider myself a programmer until probably 2 years or until I come up with an original piece of work. My biggest problem is following through and being consistent in learning. You can't win unless you keep bearing down and progressing. Having goals and refining them are becoming more important for my success. I don't have a teacher or someone pushing me to do this or that, it is up to my own initiative to win or loose. Really only thing I could offer you in programming would be imagination and possible ways to solve the problems they impose.

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  38. Wow lol .. i can't compare.. running a nuclear reactor ... jesus lol ... i would think you had to get some degree in nuclear physics right? what was that like? physics alone gives me a headache heh. Well it did back then - it might be different now.

    But ya.. i agree with you .. the graphics end is much more interesting. I'm also more graphic oriented with a taste of logic. So i'm thinking 3D animation would so cool. You got your math, your logic, and graphics. Once i clean out my hard drive of all the crap i'll install 3D studio max R4. If it works.

    Also processor design would be cool too.. again you have lots of logic and math and graphics (autocad of what the chip would look like with all the gates and such).

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  39. I'm designing a 3D engine. I don't have too much time to spend on it though. If you think your good enough, this is something you'll definetly want to try. And also I'm told, any self respecting 3D programmer develops atleast one ray tracer and if s/he is really good, also a photon tracer in his/her lifetime.

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    today itself's too late; the wise lived yesterday
  40. hmm ... i've made my own 2d library (with help from a book - i took the old code and hacked it to work in protected mode) thats how i made my game. Well with school coming up making my own 3d engine is pretty impossible right now lol. I wanted to get into directx but *shrugs*

    That is something worth trying though! and i never heard of the photon tracer? what is that?

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  41. well, looks like you are off to a good start!

    I see everyone else has pretty much bashed you all over the place, save some rare positive advice.

    Some advice, not that you asked for any. I'd suggest figuring what you want to do. Be aware of your end game and try and plan for it. Do you want stacks of cash and early retirement? Do you want a quiet and relatively peaceful life with comfortable salary? Do you want to scrape by from paycheck to paycheck, but be your own boss and pretty much work as you see fit? I'd love to say work as you see fit and have a ton of cash, but it is hard to plan for and requires a good deal of situational luck - not impossible, just not pratical to plan for.

    At your stage I'd seriously consider getting some business and management studies under your belt. The coding experience will serve you well, but will not get you all that far if you were planning to head into corporate (insert country of residence here). Companies are looking for professional, intelligent and articulate IT people nowadays, since every Joe leaves college with programming and/or systems experience. You need to stand out and demonstrating an understanding for the business requirements will take you a long way there. This is assuming you choose corporate (insert country here).

    You are probably fed up to the back teeth of people telling you to be patient etc. but if you slow down and calm down a little - apply yourself and get somewhere - then you can shout your mouth off about it. Get through the next few years - get to where you want to be, on the right path you have chosen, <i>then</i> shout about it and defend it to the hilt. You'll find that until you have done that people will always know better and have a different opinion. Trust me in this - I'm not trying to get at you, but just trying to offer a little advice that may make your life a little less confrontational and more stress free.

    Hope this helps a little and I hope it isn't pulling your chain too hard.

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  42. "I am surprised Blizzard of Microsoft or Intel hasn't hired you as a program manager..."



    = The views stated herein are my personal views, and not necessarily the views of my employer. =
  43. I've been working on computers for about 10 years, hardcore for about 7. I AM the network administrator for a local school system, 300+ computers on 3 networks. I've been doing that for 3 years, I just got another job with the county school system, so now I'm THE tech guy for 8 schools in 5 systems. bfd...
    Fact is, I have a talent, as of yet, I have only had one computer I haven't been able to fix, Zenith Data Systems, 486SX 20mhz, 4megs ram onboard corrupted. these ZDS computers don't have any jumpers to disable the onboard memory, there are no software settings either, this was far before plug and play.
    I know friends that have a real life and banged more chicks then you. Not to mention can rig any car to add more horse power. Or manage a business for webpages or take a piece a [-peep-] car and turn it into something worth more then your piece of [-peep-] import.

    ok, you're bud bangs more chicks then him? ooooh, big tuff guy... he can tune a car? well, I've got a friend with a blown 347 in a 92 GT, bfd... I don't have to talk about what my friends can do.I can tune a car, I've been working on cars for about 12 years. I've restored cars, built them from the ground up, bfd. oh, and you tend to have lots of sex when you get married, you'll learn that when you grow up.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  44. Quote:
    You are right to a certain extent. Confidents compared to pure arrogants; confidents outweighs arrogants and confidents can sometimes be seen as arrogants. So it is a catch 22. If you're confident other people see you as arrogant (or just jealous because they cannot be so confident with themselves so they lash out to the person who is confident and make him feel bad and himself feel good and to lower him to his own level because he is afraid of him and his confidents) however if your arrogant then you are arrogant.

    complete BS.
    If you have any interpersonal skills at all, any amount of experience in life, you can be confident and not arrogant.
    I know my [-peep-]. Everyone I know knows I know my [-peep-]. I've never heard of anyone thinking I'm arrogant, its all in how you carry yourself. If you act like you know more than everybody, you are arrogant, if you do know more, you don't have to act like it.
    Who do I have to prove myself to? I don't give a damn whether you(not you in particular, people in general)think I know what I'm doing or not, I know. ta hell with anyone that thinks otherwise. I don't know everything, but I know enough, and if I don't know it, I'll figure it out, and everybody I know has seen that, I don't have to tell them.

    Independant thought is good.
    It won't hurt for long.
  45. Yes well I’m sorry if I offended you in an earlier comment. I'm not having a go at you here mate, just my experience.
    Seriously, I was a young engineer straight out of college and I NEW EVERYTHING. Yes that’s fine, but in the workplace knowing everything from a book isn’t important as working and getting along with others as a team. I found out some hard lessons about being arrogant and being confident, it's a fine line at that age because I wanted to prove myself to the world and have the recognition NOW that can only be achieved with years of respect. Then after the whole maintenance crew went on strike for two weeks because of me in a mine (132 people) and loosing the company a lot of money I was sacked because of my arrogance even with management.
    I should and could have kept my mouth shut as it wasn’t necessary to have said anything. I just had to put in my two cents worth because "I thought I knew more". When I look back on that I can see how arrogant I was, confidence is when you know you are and others will tell you are good and don’t have to prove it by mouthing off as it shows in your work ethic. It will come believe me, hard to see it now but I believe you will be the best at what you do as I can see it in you.
    You can be quietly arrogant too, this worked for me for a while, just kept quiet while thinking I know I'm better than that. Just get the runs on the board then be whatever you want to be, take the knocks from others as an inspiration/ driving force and believe in your self. If you are quiet enough people wont misrepresent your attitude as arrogant, eventually they will see you for the intelligent operator you are! ok enough already.lol

    (Disclaimer) Like I said, this is my experience and may not relate to you in anyway.. take it or leave it
  46. Damn xxxx...xxx, do you actually read the immature, incoherent, ridiculous, nonsensical crap that you are spewing on these boards? You got some serious problems pal. And you knowledge of programming is so friggin sub-par, I wouldn't be bragging about it if I were you. You really think it's impressive that your professor worked for NASA? You must be easily impressed. By the way, I wouldn't be to impressed with a professor, who teaches programming for a living, who tells you she "didn't like programming so she resorted to teaching it". What kind of crap is that? You and your prof need to get a life.

    <font color=blue>"Yeah, microchips, but what... is it good for?"</font color=blue>
  47. You read my post without even reading it! You did NOT take my point at all! If you had even a shred of intelligence, you would figure out what I meant.

    How do you know I can’t rig cars? How do you know I’m not a rich 20-yearold living his best days in his huge house, banging chicks whenever he wants to?

    You’re so afraid that anyone is better than you, that you look beyond everything that’s important. You don’t even get the point, although it was pretty obvious. Actually, you pretty much summed up some of my life, except in reverse order. I do actually have a high-end Mustang in my garage, I do actually live out my days in my huge house, I do actually administrate lots and lots of web pages amongst other things, and yeah – I’ve got LOTS of communication skills. I think everyone here would understand what I was writing about, and that wasn’t MY lack of communication skills.

    And, yeah, you’re openly discussing how big a fool you are at a forum for discussing CPUs. I think I’m entitled to join in on the conversation, after reading all the posts. And I’m not making a fool out of my self by telling you this stuff, because some people here can actually see the point. I can tell, because if you read the posts to and from you, you would see a pattern emerging.

    To give you a little hint:
    First of all, you post a long, boring text about how great you are, uncovering your apparent egoistic way of looking at your self.
    Second, there are about 30 guys trying to give you some piece of advice, one way or the other, on how you shouldn’t think you’re all that.
    Third – you don’t see his or her point, and you set up some sort of defence mechanism, in order to protect yourself from having your ego pulled down into the mud, offending EVERYONE that makes a post with a bad remark.

    What does that say about your communication skills, buddy? Try reading it from the top. You’ll see a bunch of honest guys, telling you to cool down the ego talk in one way or the other.

    Please – take the hint, ok? Get your feet back on the ground and actually READ what everyone is telling you. See you around, Angry Dwarf.

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  48. It traces photons I guess. I haven't looked into it. But apparantly they are painstakingly slow.

    <font color=red><i>Tomorrow I will live, the fool does say
    today itself's too late; the wise lived yesterday
  49. LOL, sorry I was reading the previous serious posts and then you pop in talking about photons. Which was coined by Einstein I do believe trying to show that photons have a mass like quantity.

    <b><font color=blue>1.5</b></font color=blue> T-Bird
    <b><font color=red>2.1</b></font color=red> P4 Speed<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by noko on 07/31/01 09:16 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
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