Serious boot problems including drive problems


Ever since I got my new 80GB WD JB drive, I have had nothing but done
formats. It's now my 2 one apart from the extra one needed to format the
drive the first time in order to obtain some file system. However, the first
time I ran it, it was fine until I ran bootvis, then bam, logging back to
the Windows logon would not work anymore, it'd give a DNSAPI.DLL not a valid
Windows image. Worse was that I could not even use Safe Mode, same error! It
was a nightmare, I never thought WindowsXP has such "no way out" problems.
(BTW I am on NTFS just to clear anything, with an 8GB OS partition and 72GB
I even tried the Recovery Console which did nothing, it felt like an uber
castrated DOS, and it had nothing but a claustrophobic feel. Seriously
castrated, I could not recover or try anything as it barely had any options,
and when I would try to get into a folder, some of them will give "Invalid
parameter" as if the CHDIR command with a folder other than Windows will not
work. On top of this, some would yeild "Access in denied".
I formatted it, which happened 4 days ago. I was seriously let down as this
was my first time I install a drive, and configure and install Windows, as
well as use NTFS.
But to see the drive system get screwed so quickly, made me even question
myself about just how "solid" is NTFS!

Now, today, once again a problem pops! When trying to Check Disk in Windows,
it cannot go past Phase 1. So I do one in startup, it finds some things,
deletes them. To my surprise it deleted my brother's user account! I system
restore to get things back into shape. Then, Norton Antivirus starts to give
me hell by telling me it could not initialize the virus list and scan, and
wants me to LiveUpdate, when nothing is there to update. Upon coming back
from school, NAV starts to work and scans. No viruses. Then I did what truly
resulted in greater disappointement, I had CHKDSK do a full partition
surface scan. Of course it took a bit more time, about 10 minutes. And boy
it founds many bad clusters and things to move around. And then, when it
booted into the WinXP startup screen, it took significantly less time, I'd
see only 2 green bars passing through (I would count and base my startup
speed by counting the amount of green bars passing in during bootup!) rather
than the lately disappointingly degrading amount, of 11. After that, I'd see
the CHKDSK screen where it says drive is clean, Windows is starting, and
about 7 dots denoting loading in progress, or at least. Since that, nothing
would happen, drive LED not active, it stays on that pale violet and blue
screen of CHKDSK. I'd restart, choose Last Known Good Config, nothing, it
would in fact restart the CHKDSK surface scan. I'd choose Safe Mode, either
choice would hang when it would get to some service or driver called
mup.sys. After that nothing, again no acitivity. However the Safe mode with
Command Prompt would have the HDD LED active, but constantly, no change
whatsoever, still stuck at mup.sys. In the end I knew the drive was
endlessly spinning.
I reboot once again, now trying the bootup WinXP menu and try the Rec
Console which as I expect, was useless, because it would not even at least
let me backup by copying my main partition folders to my second 72GB one.
(either it wouldn't or it can't because the parameter typed in was not
recognized, and all I did was the same command line like the one I used on
the Windows folder, though it seemed like it didn't understand when I'd have
it copy Documents and Settings. I couldn't even enter those directories, or
Program Files, it'd say the parameter is not recognized! Truly weak program)

Once again I had to format... I am in a state of despair now, I did load up
everything again, but am more worried than ever, not knowing when this
system will throw more trouble.
This would never happen on my old 15GB FAT32 Maxtor system, when Windows
would not work, I could always try Last Known Good Config and it would
ALWAYS work! Now I was in shock seeing that WinXP Home is so weak under my
new drive installation, in both cases I had last week, I had to format
because I COULD NOT access Windows at all.
My system speccs are below:
AthlonXP 1600+
Epox 8KHA+
512MB PC2100 RAM
Asus Geforce 3 Ti200
SB Live
300W PSU
Volcano 7 HSF
One 80WD JB 8MB
One Maxtor 15GB, both 7200RPM
LG 16*10*40 CDRW.
APC BackUPS 400W
Dlink NIC card

I am just confused, and very very worried about when the next unexpected and
unwanted error will pop. It's even worse thinking of how weak now WinXP Home
is to me, when it can't even help me recover my system, and instead can't
even decently boot into the desktop. Even worse is how NTFS has not been
showing its strenghs so far, whether I would Boot-Time Defrag with
DiskKeeper 7, or simply defrag, I'd either get a warning that the disk
consistency needs checking, or it would do the job but not be efficient. I
won't consider FAT 32 (well it's almost pointless now that it's converted to
NTFS, and I don't want to go through the aching conversion to FAT32 which is
known to be long and not fail-proof.), but I sure as hell would like to know
what is going on! Is the drive responsible?

I seriously have not done anything wrong to the comp, I only DLed all
updates from Windows Update, installed some things, barely downloaded any
programs, or even installed any games other than CounterStrike. There is
very little filled on this comp now, and that is what really surprises me of
why I am getting so many bugs.
I just applied SP1 for the 3rd time in a week, and have installed my dad's legally bought NAV 2001, forget NSW 2003. All that remains IIRC is simply my Logitech Internet Navigator program to use the shortcut keys and volume control. "sigh" :frown:

Forgive the long topic but I dearly hope someone has any suggestions,

This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
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  1. i've never heard of such problems with windows xp but i wouldnt be surprised of that since nearly every windows version has flaws. At my work we use Linux alot which runs much more stable than windows.
    But for your problem i would delete all partitions and use fdisk or the windows partition manager and use fat32 and reinstall windows ntfs is used more on workstations or servers.
  2. Err, that's a late reply man!
    My system is now very stable, no more of these crashes, I have not formatted since.
    Perhaps it was drive overheating...
    In any case, you can't return to FAT32 without some utility that forces it, and it seems to be relatively long and unstable. So far NTFS is doin' fine now, fast in defragmentations as well.

    This post is brought to you by Eden, on a Via Eden, in the garden of Eden. :smile:
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