Coolest rig EVER!

At least I think so.
Here goes:

1.4Ghz DDR Tbird
Sis 735 mobo
512mb pc2100 micron ddr-sdram
hercules prophet geforce3 video card
Plextor 24\10\40x cd-rw
Pioneer 16xDVD
Realmagic hardware DVD decoder
IBM Deskstar 75gb 7200rpm hard drive (primary)
Maxtor 80gb 5400rpm hard drive (secondary)
Viewsonic P220F 22" flatscreen monitor OR
Viewsonic 42" flatpanel VPW420 monitor
Creative Labs SB Live! Platinum 5.1
Klipsch Promedia 4.1 speakers

So, thats what I think would make the ultimate rig. Can anyone else do better?


P.S.- Dont let this degenerate into another stupid AMD vs. Intel thread.
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  1. sure... easy done
    replace the PC2100 ram with PC2400 and increase the FSB to 150/300.
    run the 1.4's on a dual board until the athlon4 comes out.
    get 4 ibm 15k rpm 36gb drives and put them in a raid 1+0 array: extra speed & redundancy mmmm
    oh yeah... get liquid nitrogen cooling set up for your dual processors for that 2000Mhz+ overclock.
    what else... hmmm
    oh yeah, ditch the kirschp speaker system and just go out a buy a proper $5000 digital surround sound system.
    after all, it IS the ultimate rig and money is no barrier right?

    course you could always go for dual P4 1.8G xenons.
    wonder how they would go cooled with liquid nitrogen?

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  2. ya ditch the POS SIS mb and go raid or scsi.


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  3. Actually, the SiS 735 is turning out to be far from a POS. Surprising turnaround on the part of SiS, but that's the way it seems...

    The RAID/SCSI comment stands though--also, a Tyan Thunder K7 with duallies would be nice.

    Flatscreens are really not all they're cracked up to be. I'd either go with a Sony GDM-FW900 (my current monitor) or a plasma display.

    Another slight change--Klipsch has ProMedia 4.2's out. The only real difference in 4.1 and 4.2 is independent control of the rear channels and a rear subwoofer--but hey, if you're building the best...


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  4. A proper $5000 digital surround system? I can spend over $14000 on the tower speakers alone, but that's just me. Here's what I'd get for the audio part of it:

    Sound card: M Audio 24/96 2 analog in/out spdif and midi i/o - $189

    towers - legacy audio whisper towers - $14500
    centre - legacy audio marquis - $2535
    rear - legacy audio mist - $1750
    sub - legacy audio lf xtreme (1000 watts here baby!) - $3700

    Now for the cool electronic gizmos :^)

    Legacy audio nexstep digital processor - $2995
    Legacy audio streamline preamp - $1595
    Legacy audio powerbloc amp - $3250

    Add in some sweet Sennheiser electrostatic headphones with the vacuum tube amplifier for $12000, a brand new Gibson Les Paul Custom for about $3000, and a few $400 cables to hook everything together and we're talking almost $50000 of pure audio goodness :^)

    And while we're at legacy audio, we might as well spring for their 42" plasmavision screen :^)

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  5. Easy.

    1.4GHz 266MHz TBIRD @ 1.9 or 2GHz (vapochill) 300MHz
    some mobo
    768MB PC2400 (at 150MHz =)
    Plextor 24/10/40
    Afreey 25x DVD (100x and higher CDROM read speeds)
    sony or whatever DVD-RAM drive
    REalmagic hardware decoder
    2x Cheetah 15x 36.7GB SCSI U160 drives in RAID0
    Sony 24" Trinitron
    Viewsonic 42" (or whatever flatpanel you prefer)
    Philips Accoustic Edge sound card
    Klipsch Promedia 4.2 speakers

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  6. Damn. You guys officially have me beat. And know a lot more than I do.
    Never fear.
    I shall return.


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  7. Easy? You guys want Speed?!

    Cray T3E Supercomputer

    "In liquid-cooled configurations from 40 processors, each processor is capable of 1350 megaflops for overall system performance from 54 gigaflops to 3 teraflops and scalability to thousands of processors."

    I wonder if I can O/C that baby......
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  8. wow! with all these posts, I think your rig would look and perform more like a home theater system than a PC :)

    :cool: :eek: :redface: :frown: :lol: :mad: :eek: :smile: :tongue: :wink:
  9. What are you talking about? That is overclocked :)

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  10. So?

    <A HREF="" target="_new">MY BEOWULF CLUSTER (one of the bottom posts)</A>

    I think I calculated the cost to be something around like 500 billion dollars or something. I forget.

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  11. Grizely, you're on crack

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  12. *drools*

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  13. I like my BC Rich Bich better than the Les Paul. Even though the Les Paul is worth more, mine looks better.

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  14. Beowolf:

    Yours might beat T3E in price, but not close in speed. Did you read how fast it is, the T3E? It has to be cooled by tanks of liquid nitrogen. Even then it runs fairly hot.
  15. one don't need a DVD decoder card if you have a geforce 3, they have it built in. You only need one if you want to do output to a television, but if you have a 40-50 plasma TV then you don't really need TV out, unless you have one of those super nice 1280x1024 LCD projectors, but those nice ones DO have monitor plugs on them (well most of them)

    How about the Coolest rig ever to fit into a desktop area, and not take up the entire room?
  16. Have you guys see a plasma screen with input from a computer? Looks like s@#t! Now, like Oni said, plug it into an XGA projector (nice one) or a D-ILA G15, and you cannot beat that for any price! Imagine, surfing porn with a 10 foot wide picture! Ok for all you nerds, imagine reading THG forum with ten foot wide picture! Ok, for all you extreme nerds out there, imagine watching 3dMark benchmarks, or SiSoft results in 10 foot wide pictures, ok you get the point.
    These projectors, even with their wide picture, are now pretty good in terms of picture quality. I mean, people are using them more and more often in home theaters, and those HT guys know their video quality like a mutha!

    For speakers, I like the Revels, not as expensive as Legacys, around 20-30k, but look damn cool! Or maybe Meridian Digitals (since we are building computers, digital beasts)

  17. Don't we all have the same super computer/cluser/rig anyway.
    It's called the internet. Just need to make all apps capable of distributed computing (aka Seti) and loads of band width of course, just imagine Quake using millions of processors and Petabytes of storage for the environment, you could play 24x7x7x52 for the rest of your life and never reach every level...:-)
  18. You guys don't know what you're talking about.
    A good PRS is way better than a B.C. Rich or a Les Paul.

    And you all thought I was going to say something about computers :)

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  19. Get your own guitar built. Thats the way forward. Had a fixed neck strat built, without scratch plate. Top grade alder with a top grade flamed maple top. Wilkinson trem. JB humbucker at the bride, two Kinman noiseless single coils, built in Tube screamer, all through two mesa boogie mark IVs (Stereo) and a TC effect unit. mmmmmmm
  20. You mustn't have read about my Beowulf Cluster......

    <i>Housed in a warehouse 1000' x 500' x 100', this Beowulf Cluster has 100 rows of 100 racks each, stacked 11 high, 45 nodes each rack. Total amount of nodes is 4,950,000.

    Each node has: Dual AMD 1.53GHz AthlonMP, 2x Cheetah 15x 36.7GB, 4GB PC2400 DDR SDRAM, 3COM 3c985B-SX Gigabit-over-Fibre 64bit PCI Ethernet NIC.

    For a total of:

    9,900,000 1.53GHz AthlonMP CPUs
    19,800 Terrabyes of PC2400 DDR SDRAM
    726,660 Terrabytes of 15x Cheetah U160 SCSI storage
    Total Price: Somewhere around $65 Billion

    What did you say, something about the T3E beating my Beowulf Cluster? HAHAHAHAHA

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