New Update stops Windows Mail on Windows 7

Latest M/S Security Update (KB978542) appears to stop Windows Mail (which I took from Windows Vista) from opening. Any known cure for this?
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  1. Bite the bullet and get an e-mail client that works with W7, Live Mail or Thunderbird from Mozila.
  2. I've changed a dll file to a lter version & it now works. As updates for WM sitting on Win 7 are unlikely, I'll try out other clients but so far all the usual ones don't appeal.
  3. Windows Mail (NOT Windows LIVE Mail) continues to run perfectly now on four Windows 7 PC's that I personally know of & if anyone's running the 64-bit version, it'll run on that too (but requires a different dll). IMHO, way better than any other presently available E-Mail client including those mentioned above. It's a pity Microsoft are on off in another direction & wanting to encourage people to use their "Live Mail" which is the "pits" as far as I & my friends are concerned. M/S’s Outlook which is also good, is far to complicated for many even if they have Office installed. Incredimail is for the ladies & anyone else who likes frills & fancies all over the place. I don’t. Hardly suited for business use at all.
  4. Outlook isn't all that complicated... and it does have a lot of features that the free MS clients don't. It's much better to find a viable alternative that is fully compatible with Windows 7; as you've already found out, MS can break compatibility at any time and they will feel no obligation to fix it.
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