upgrade cpu help

suggestion cpu for upgrade.
system inform
Emonster 550r
Napoli-2 Micro ATX (STX V1.2 form factor) motherboard
slop 1/A for CPU
P3 550hz
128 ram
geoforce2 mx400 video card
System chipset: Intel Corp. 82443BX/ZX 440BX/ZX
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  1. sorry but the highest you can go is the p3 600 w512kb cache, there are three diferent models of p3 600's , there is the 600e copermine at 100 fsb, the 600eb is a copermine with 133 fsb, you want the katmia core not the copermine. Sorry i cant think of the exact model im a little sleepy right now.

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  2. well, i guess i can't go higher than 600hz. I thought there's a p3 800 100fbs that support the slop 1/A. so you suggest i get a new motherboard with a new cpu. I don't know if all motherboards fix into my computer case.
  3. Even if you wanted to I don't know where you'd find a Katmai p3 these days. Pretty pointless anyway. You'd have to upgrade your mobo, and hence in all viability your case.

    Your memorys almost certainly pc100 so stick with a 100mhz fsb cpu if you're on a really tight budget. But even so I'd go for the following:

    Abit KT7A-RAID or Asus A7V/133
    1.4 ghz athlon (more exp. than duron, but you'll be glad later on)with a good fan (I recommend Thermoengine with delta fan)
    New case with 300W PSU
    256 crucial pc-133 sdram
    I'm from the Uk, but I guess you're looking at $300-350.
    Hey over here in rip-off GB we pay the same in UK sterling what you pay in $.

    If you can stretch your budget - a new udma100 hdd.
    GF3 still too expensive.
  4. Hey thanks FatJim. I own you one. I think i'll do what you say since cannot get a cpu higher than 800hz. and also is there a way to overclock my computer to 600hz. any help is appriciated. thanks.
  5. You could always get the Blaster PC from TigerDirect.com, that one will allow you to overclock by adjusting the bus speed to 133. And it supports all PIII processors. I use an FC-PGA PIII 700 at 933 using an Abit Slotket III (has voltage adjustment). All your stock parts will fit into it until you decide to upgrade things.

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