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First off let me apologize for the poor phone quality pictures, that said on to my problem: About a week ago I started up my PC and was greeted with this message ( If I hit enter on the first one it gives me an error and the second one boots normally. I first thought there must be some old windows files, so I looked for a windows.old and to much avail did not find one. Next I put in my windows disc to do a start up repair and it looked like this ( That first one must be the problem, a 0 mb windows in an "unknown" drive location...weird...So I ran start up repair on both windows and didn't help.

I am out of ideas, does anyone have an idea on what to do? Any help is appreciated, thank you.
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    Open your working Windows 7

    Click Start >> Run

    Type msconfig and press <Enter>

    Click the Boot tab

    Highlight the Windows 7 entry which does not work ( Important: Do not highlight the wrong one!)

    Click Delete

    Click 'OK'

    Restart Windows.
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