Corsair M60 vs Logitech G9X vs Logitech G-400?

Sorry i dont know if this is in the right area but i couldnt find it, i badly need a new gaming mouse im sending back my sharkoon drakonia it doesnt do the job properly it feels like im rubbing it across sanding paper and it makes the mouse skip at certian points meaning if i aim 1 direction it will randomly spin to the other gets very annoying. Anyway the Corsair m60, Logitech G9X and the Logitech G-400 are the best of what i can afford and what ive been recommended. Not really sure the difference between them but after using this drakonia mouse for a month with the problems it has i really want something good, smooth and accurate if thats possible thanks?
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  1. i also found the Gigabyte M8000X 6000DPI Gaming Mouse not sure if its good enough for what i need?
  2. get a G500, I have one, but swapped to a G600.
  3. The G500 or G400 are both good options. I've used the G400, and it certainly is very smooth and accurate. Its only downfall, for my needs anyways, is the lack of the middle mouse tilt feature. Most people don't like the tilt anyways, so you may prefer it. If you do like the middle button tilt, the G500 is practically the same as the G400, with a tilting middle mouse button, and one additional thumb button.
  4. The tilt on Logitech's mouse wheel is amazing, I never misclick when I used my G500 or now when I use my G600.
  5. Like I said, I like it, a lot of people don't. However, I absolutely hated the G600. The G600 seems to loved and hated. Probably more hated, but it depends on the user.
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