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Ok, I need a good wireless gaming mouse. I play mainly shooters. I don't really want to pay more than $50. I can go to $60 if it's a really good mouse. Please help!!
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  1. I do like the G700. I also think the MS Sidewinder x8 is very good too, but not as accurate with a lower polling rate. The G700 is very accurate. It feels like a wired mouse, its only drawback is the battery life is much shorter than the MS Sidewinder x8, and the charger is a much thicker wire, making it feel less comfortable while it is charging.

    If you are looking for the extra accuracy, which is mostly only noticeable on a 120hz monitor, go with the G700. If you can live with 2ms polling, and only use a 60hz monitor, the MS Sidewinder x8 has the best charging system for a wired mouse I've ever seen, and the battery life is very long.
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