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my Toshiba notebook NB200 opens and black screen appears like a dos window i think my system is crushed so i want to recover it by using the recovery disc and I'm using an external CD-ROM because it doesn't have an internal CD-ROM
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  1. Do you know if there is a recovery partition on it? You can see by holding down zero when you power it on for a few seconds. If there is you should see a menu option to access it, which should make the point moot of using the recovery disks.
  2. I had the same proble on my daughter's laptop NB200xx.

    But the Zero trick did crash, in fact I was stuck on the setup screen or a black blinking one.

    No ext CD/DVD, no recovery disk. I used another computer to make a booteable USB key with AVG rescue cd (from an ISO of the CD)
    Then I booted on the USB key (the F12 key did call the boot menu, hopefully)

    From there I discovered 2 virus on the 2 main partitions, one on a system file. I deleted all but the system file (may be I should have, dont know).
    Then after trying to see wich partition was correct I discovered that the recovery partition was, in the file utilities from AVG I declared the recovery partition bootable, start again the NB 200 , and voila, it installed me a frew window version, without harm to the "data" partition.

    Indeed I should have secured the/users/document content on the USB key before, but I am yet happy with the result.

    Strangely I have not seen that method documented anywhere..

    If someone have something to add I'll be pleased to read that.

    Best regards - ISaac
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