NTFS.SYS Corrupt

I am stumped on how to recover for an ugly crash a couple of days ago.

It all started when I tried to update to the latest printer drivers from HP for my PSC 750 printer, from the the mini default drivers. Once I did this I got a lot of system errors and the HP drivers crashing and dieing on me.

So I uninstalled the HP stuff and reverted to the mini drivers that appear when you just plug in the printer to a new computer.

But my computer then just shut down and reset on me. I restarted, so I went to check for updates from Microsoft on their update page and and saw a new driver for the media chips on the mobo. Tired them and they conflicted with the graphics drivers, so I reverted to before the install, but encountered another computer reset. No blue screen just reset.

And it wouldn't boot right away, but eventually into safe mode. Could find anything reveiling in the admin logs about the problems. But found I shoud try to boot to the Recovery Console and try a chkdsk /r, so I did.

Left the computer and came back to a screen that said somehting wasn't right with the system, a glitch had occured. So I tried to re-boot and couldn't get back to the Recovery Console, failed before going too far, so I thought I had bad memory or bad BIOS settings. Swapped in a new memory stick, same problem.

Reverted to "Load Fail-Safe Settings" in BIOS and I can boot to the point of loading NTFS.SYS.

The CD boot said NTFS.SYS is corrupt and so does trying to boot to safe mode.

I move the hard drive to another computer and it is readable and check disks out ok, no viruses found either.

But how do I rebuild or install the NTFS.SYS files or table now? Just copying NTFS.SYS that it is complaining about doesn't work.

I can't even boot on CD-ROM to try an upgrade OS re-install so I don't lose my data.

Worst case I can re-format and re-install, but I'd rather not, I have too much pre-set up stuff on the drive.

Any ideas on how to fic the NTFS boot issue?


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  1. it sounds like you have some sort of hardware problem. Anything else you might be able to swap out just for testing purposes?

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  2. Sorry for forgot the equipment list:

    Mobo: Soyo SY-K7V Dragon Ball +
    Micro: Athlon XP 2000+
    Memory 256MB stick
    HD: 60 Gig WD ATA100
    Std CD-ROM 48x
    Floppy Drive
    Video: nVidia GeForce 2

    Nothing fancy, just supposed to be the family e-mail, homework and general internet access machine.

    :lol: From there to here - From here to there
    Funny things are everywhere !
  3. I think something was set wrong or too aggressively in the BIOS orignally. SInce I have reverted to the "Fail Safe" setting in the bios it can run for hours now without the resets I was getting.

    I am just trying to get the system files on the hard drive back to the point I can boot it as a machine again. And I don't seem to have the right tools to do it or know how to use them.


    :lol: From there to here - From here to there
    Funny things are everywhere !
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