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Hi. I have what appears to be a generic motherboard with an AMD 300meg CPU. A VIA chipset is used and a label on the board says S7-MVP3 Rev.1.2. I would like to change the processor to a higher speed processor with the least amount of technical knowledge or trouble. I looked at the charts for the Socket 7 AMD K6-2 processors and it would appear that an AMD 500meg is a drop-in solution with the only change required being the multiplier jumper to 5 from 3. Any advice and recommendation would be appreciated.
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  1. Look up Fic 503 somthing mother boards and see if this
    is it

    if we can identify yor mother board it will help

    if you know the maker of the mother board post it

    i will be back to check on more info...

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  2. With the side of the case off,
    is the mobo tall=ATX or long=AT

    who is the maker of the computer ?????

    P.S. jumper from 3 to 5

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  3. Yes, just change the multiplier from 3x to 5x if it's already running at 100MHz FSB.

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  4. Get a K6-2 500mhz

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  5. Yes, that's what he's talking about.

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  6. yeah my friend had the same Mobo.

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  7. Why not get a K6-2 550 and change the multipier to 5.5x? I have a 550 in one of my machines and it works great. I have the Gigabyte GA5AX motherboard to go with it, and I have never had any problems. Nice stable system.
  8. Thank you for your replies OWL. I am not sure where to find the Fic 503 you suggested so if you could tell me where to find it I will go look. Meanwhile, I have searched the board multiple times and find no identification. The computer was assembled by a friend of the previous owner. I assume it is an ATX board and it is approx 7.5" wide X 11.5" tall.
  9. Thank you for your reply Crashman. The jumper settings that I can determine are: Clock 100Mhz, CPU 90-100Mhz so I think it is safe to assume the FSB is 100Mhz.
  10. Thank you njeske. Yes, I would prefer the K6-2+/550 for obvious speed enhancement reasons but have been concerned about voltage requirements that don't match up exactly. Trying to keep costly mistakes to a minimum I thought the K6-2/500 would be the simplest solution with only a requirement to change the multiplier. The current CPU Voltage is set at 2.2v and the lowest possible jumper setting is 2.0 volts. The K6-2+/550 Core voltage requirement is 1.4 to 2.0. Looks risky. I was concerned that there was not a split CPU/IO voltage but on looking at the current CPU it requires a 3.1 I/O voltage so that takes care of that. May I ask if you upgraded your processor or did it come as the K6-2+/550?
  11. Try this link, and click on the pic of the mobo and see,
    we need to identify....

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  12. we need identify your motherboard..

    go to bottem right side and look for numbers on bios
    and check this link please..

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  13. Sounds like my FIC VA 503+ 1.2A MB (great MB). Tom's Hardware rated this MB among tops for o/cing. I was given another rig with the same chipset and K6 2 300. Turned out to be CXT core (which has #26351 (Sharptooth) stamped in gold numerals on top edge of ceramic), and it immediately overclocked to 400MHZ at default voltage of 2.2v, std HS&F.

    In addition to FSBs up to 100, the 503+ also has 112 and 124. One of the most popular o/cing MBs around. Personally, I would drop in any K6 III (beats all K6 2s, except + which requires a bios flash). I have a K6 III 400 either at 450 on 100FSB or 448 on 112FSB (latter is better performance). I have 1 stick of PC 133 128MB, or you can use anything from PC66-100. The normal III models are straight drop-in upgrades, until you come to the fastest upgrades, the 450+ and 550+ chips. Again +s require bios flash from FIC JE4330 I think, the payoff being speeds to 550 and beyond. 450+ a better deal because most +s only go to 550.

    The III chips are the way to go, because of the large on-die cache vs 2 models . Do some reading, compare some benchmarks. Great MB. Good luck!

    P.S. If you don't know anyone w/a MB manual, downloading from FIC could be helpful.

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  14. Yes 500mhz is the best jump if your mobo will suport it,,
    we need to dig around and find the maker then we can look at all options....
    i my self like K6-IIIs
    but we dont know if your board will work yet..

    I run 8 4U rack servers and all have
    FIC PA2013 2mb K6-III-380mhz
    ati 8mb AGP
    2 - Micron pc100 128mb
    UDMA66 card
    2 W/D UDMA66 30gig HD
    1 linksys 10/100 nic
    1 linksys 16 port 10/100 rack hub
    and only 1 has DSL modem
    1 HP 8x8x32 CDRW
    1 - 16 port KVM
    1 - 19" Magview monitor
    1 - key&mouse
    W2K Adv/server
    stable as a Rock runing over 1yr 24/7

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  15. Thanks OWL. Those URL's identified the board as being made by Vision Top Technology and is model Vision S7-MVP3. I sure hope you know of a source for a manual or at least information on that board.
  16. Having gone from a K6-2 350 to a K6-2 500 then I can definately say the upgrade is well worth it. The 550 K6-2 I find although faster isn't really fast enuff to warrent the extra money. Especially when you can buy so much memory at the moment for so little it might be better buying some extra ram.

    One thing you will have to watch out for is that your current processor may or may not be one of the CXT core versions, but your new CPU will be. The CXT core processors can have problems running under win 95 and need a patch or else you'll have nothing but trouble.

    The K6-2 series btw are notoriously poor overclockers and the damage you can do isn't worth the risk compared to the speed gain.

    The chipset your board uses may be (highly likely to be from what I've seen) the via apollo or apollo pro. And you should check that your motherboard can support voltage settings as low as the k6-2+ requires (mine dosn't)as I think it uses a lower voltage then the standard version (due to the fact it was mainly designed for notebooks).

    Whatever version of K6-2 you install though ignore rumours about poor reliablity...they are as solid a rock and mine is often on for weeks at a time and without the use of extra cooling (unlike my 3dfx card, but thats another story).

    Oh BTW a quick way to check to see if it's AT or ATX is to look at the power supply, if it has the pass through for you to power your monitor from then it's highly likely to be AT.

    Your nice new PC might be faster then my 286, but my 286 makes a better door stop :P
  17. Thank you. Did you go from the K6-2 350 to the K6-2 500 or K6-2+ 500? And regarding the CXT problem you mentioned I will be running 98SE and if it does well will upgrade to XP when it appears. Will that problem still apply?
  18. No, all versions of windows after win98 are problem free. If you did have that problem though, AMD would give you a free copy of win98.


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  20. There are non K6-2+/550 cpus. Almost all K6-2+ processors went into laptops. The 550 I have is just a standard 550 and it operates at 2.3v, which your board should be able to handle. And if your board can't handle 2.3v, then just go with the 500, you probably won't notice much a difference.
  21. (JPW1, Red) 2.1

    (F1-F3, Green) 100MHz.

    (JP1-3, Green) 5.0

    Install new K6-2-500mhz.
    Install heatsink paste .
    install a good heatsink.
    start and play......

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  22. Great info OWL! I went to the site and was apprehensive at first as the jumpers as indicated were wrong for my board. Pays to read the fine print at the bottom as there was the manual for the version that supported 95Mhz FSB. Looks like I am going to have to update the BIOS!!!!!! Frankly, the description of how to do that makes it scary. It would appear I will have to Flash the BIOS regardless of which CPU I decide to install. I read the article about Socket 7 Triangle and looked at the Processor and Chipset Tables and it appears there is a descrepancy in the core voltages for the K6-III between the two articles. Probably my best bet would be to go with the K6-2/500 (can't go to the 550 because my board does not support 2.3 volts)(jumps from 2.2v to 2.7v). I guess it is about decision time -- your thoughts please.
  23. on this board you can go K6-2-550mhz standard..
    but not the + ie. K6-2-550+ stay away from it on this board...
    change settings to
    2.4 v
    5.5 clock

    but you will need a new heatsink and fan
    to go from 300 to 500 or 550
    will still be more heat..
    and the last thing to do is install a old heatsink and old fan..........

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  24. NO hold on....
    what is it set for on (F1-F3, Green

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  25. 95mhz has nothing to do with it...
    the bios is working Don't mess with it...
    unless you want to buy a new board...

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  26. I agree the 95Mhz has nothing to do with it except it identifies the difference between the board as depicted on that site and the actual board I have. Mine is a newer Revision (1.2) and therefore the core voltages and the FSB speeds are different (as well as some of the other jumpers) . You would have to download the manual, unzip it and then print from a .pdf viewer to actually see my board. And the FSB Green jumpers are set for 100Mhz.
  27. hold on,,

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  28. I still don't see where you need to update the bios.
    it is all set to 100mhz
    the only thing i see it to reset jumpers to 5.0
    and leave it at 2.1 or 2.2 Volts

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  29. I am sure you are correct. The verbage at the bottom led me to believe there was a Version 1.3 available whereas mine is Version 1.2. So I guess the general concensus is that I should go with the K6-2/500. That is what I will do. OWL, is there any way to contact you other than on a public forum?
  30. If you are talking about Voltage ??
    i have run k6-2 at 1.8 to 2.4
    and k6-3 at 2.0 to 2.6
    so 2.1 or 2.2 no big deal...

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    K6-2-500 $24.00

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  32. If you motherboard wasn't running at 100mhz already then you'd be having problem with your current cpu as that uses the 100mhz bus already. The only settings you'll probably have to change to run a k6-2 500 is the motherboard multiplyer. That will need to go from 3.5 to 5, the voltage settings should be the same and the bus speed won't need changing.

    and 98se runs fine with the cxt core amd's without any modification.

    I don't think it's a good idea to run the cpu at anything other then the specified voltage, unless your overclocking it.

    BTW in case your interested unless you want to run the latest games at maximum res you should find the K6-2 500 (with a reasonable graphics card and about 128mb of memory) should run almost everything quite nicely (or at least mine does).

    Your nice new PC might be faster then my 286, but my 286 makes a better door stop :P
  33. Momet
    Fan/heatsink in the mail to day// on the way.......

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  34. Thank you very much OWL. And my appreciation to all you guys that have offered your help. I will be back when that new K6-2/500 comes in. Momet
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