Arctic Silver on AMD 1.2 question

I purchased components to build my own system, and I was able to get it to post. But a few minutes later, I could not get it to post and there were no beeps. I reseated everything and I still had no luck. Being new to building computers, and dumb, I put arctic silver on the cpu without taking the thermal pad off the heat sink or cleaning off the cpu. And to make things worse, I added way too much arctic silver, and it spilled over onto the ceramic of the cpu. Not knowing what i had done at the time, I figured the board was bad, so i returned it. But my question is whether you think the arctic silver will ruin the cpu because i got a bunch of it on the cpu.

1.2 266 Athlon
Iwill KA266(returned) want to get Asus A7m266
40 gig Western digital hd
256 mb pc 2400(returned)i don't think boards support this
Visiontek Geforce2 MX400
52X cdrom
Antek Case with 300w power and case fan
Storm PLatinum sound card

P.S. I tryed cleaning off the cpu kernal and the ceramic on the cpu with nail polish. There is still visible arctic silver on the ceramic, but most is cleaned off, and i had to clean some off the spot where the bridges are on the cpu.
I hope you guys tell me it will be ok. I feel retarded. I should have read more.
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  1. Good news. I ended up buying the MSI K7t266 pro and a new stick of 256 mb pc 2100 ram. I got it up and going and I was just playing quake III demo few minutes ago. The cpu is running at 1200 Mhz with 266 mhz fsb at a temp of 50 degrees. I am not sure if 50 degrees is ok, but it seems good so far. I guess you guys that read my post knew that the cpu was going to be ok with the nail polish job i did on it. And, I think the MSI mobo is much better than the Iwill.

    Thanx for reading my posts, and I am one happy guy right now. :)
  2. 50c is fine for a temperture if that is 100% cpu usage value. Thats good you got it working, so the KA266 you where not to impress with I take it. I was thinking of buying one.

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  3. Never had an Iwill, but both my MSI boards have/had serious issues with the USB ports. Only an addin PCI adapter took care of it. Im also having a hard time getting suspend to ram work properly under win2K. THose things aside, its a nice and stable platform. It just wont crash (even though its sustaining a 50% overclock)

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