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Hello everyone,
I am new to forum but I would love opinion or information of some people with knowledge.
I am buying posh laptop in USA for about 2.5k$, in UK it's just impossible to find such, there are worse models for 3.2k pounds, so it's not an option of buying in UK.
I have a good friend in USA whom I can trust this purchase, I am interested if there is anything I can avoid paying 20% VAT for 2.5k$ laptop, maybe if invoice is not included I'll get charged 20% VAT as if it was a regular laptop which costs about 1k$ or something else?
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  1. Hello stinkyfax;

    I wouldn't count on the HM Revenue & Customs agents not being able to use the internet to find out what you probably paid for that laptop in about 30 seconds.
    Won't you pay VAT and import duties as well? It might be more than 20% in total.
    You need to check that to be sure what your total cost would be.

    It might end up being cheaper for you to pay for an airline ticket for your friend to courier the laptop over to you.
  2. Looks like a roundtrip ticket from Atlanta, GA to London is running about $365.

    And it looks like there is no import duties on bringing laptops into the UK from the US.
  3. I assume I still pay VAT if I travel to USA and buy laptop? and there is no more import duties tax for laptops (since 2005)
  4. I believe you're still liable for the VAT if you travel, purchase and return.
  5. ok, thanks for valuable information. If anybody has anything to add please do so, this topic is slightly tricky
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