New System, weird crashes...can you solve it ?

I recently upgraded my PII Celeron A 450 MHz and bought a 1333 MHz Athlon, Abit's KT7A Motherboard and 512 MB Ram.
My computer crashes when i play vids, divx avi mpg, more often on the bigger video files but as i bought Max Payne i experienced that it too sometimes crashed.

My System Is :

Athlon 1333 MHz
512 MB Ram
Abit KT7A Motherboard
GeForce 64 MB DDR Ram
SoundBlaster Live!

I've been looking at these boards to see if there were some posted hardware compatibility problems but i didn't find anything to match the description of my problem.
Things to notice is that my computer crashes more often at bigger vids and recently in Max Payne, no other kind of games like Diablo 2 LOD, Delta Force 3, Unreal Tournament.
I've been suspecting my graphics card to be the culprit as Nvidia and AMD haven't been best pals when making hardware.
Now i suspect my RAM because i expect that vids will be stored in the RAM for faster access and Max Payne is the most hardware intensive game made so far and they actually write in the manual that you are suggested to have at least 256 MB of RAM for the use of 32 Bit Color Depth in the game.

I'm not just sure what i can do about this.
Pleaes help me :)

Thanks alot, Thomas Lefevre
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  1. You should probably check how hot your CPU is. The things you mention are very CPU-intensive, and if the processor isn't cooled properly it could easily overheat. If the temperature is below 60 degrees celcius you should be in the clear. If it is above, that COULD be the reason it is crashing when the CPU load gets too high.

    I don't think you need to worry about you Nvidia/AMD combo...almost everybody I know are running various Geforce cards with their Athlon CPUs.
  2. If the temperture thing doesn't seem to be causing the problem then I'd make sure you have the latest drivers for your mobo chipset.
    also try to upgrade the bios on the mobo.
  3. If you suspect a heat problem as someone, else mentioned, try running with the case open and use a room fan to blow in lots of extra air.

    Also try some of these tips from <A HREF="" target="_new">Paul's Unofficial Abit KT7 FAQ</A>

    <i><b><font color=red>My graphics card is unstable. What's the cause?</b>

    There can be many reasons for this. However, note that the AGP port shares its interrupts with PCI slot 1 (the slot next to the AGP card) and so any device on this slot could potentially cause conflicts with the AGP card. If you have free slots, move any PCI card away from this slot. If all your slots are full, put an infrequently used card in here (and certainly a card which isn't used during 3D applications). Other solutions include:

    Many users report improved stability by increasing the I/O voltage from 3.3v to 3.4 or 3.5v.

    Stability can often be achieved by reducing the graphics hardware acceleration under Display Properties-Settings-Advanced-Performance - although this may impact on graphics performance.

    Note also that ABIT have reported that it is necessary to install the VIA 4in1 driver before installing any later AGP driver, as AGPx4 may not work otherwise.

    Some people have found that adjusting the AGP driving control Advanced Chipset Features Menu of the BIOS will also help - see SysReview article, for instance.

    Installing the VIA AGP drivers in Normal (not Turbo) mode will force the use of AGPx1 rather than AGPx2 or x4 mode and can increase stability. It has very limited impact on performance.</font color=red></i>

    I would also add this. Try AGP at 2X before reloading Via drivers with Turbo mode off. You can switch to 2X by disabling 4X in your BIOS.

    Another thing you could try is using a 3rd party overclocking utility like Powerstrip or Geforce Tweak and actually <b>underclock</b> your video card's GPU and memory. This is only for testing purposes to help identify the source of your system's instability.
  4. Are you using at least a 300w power supply?

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  5. Try 2 folow this: -
    1. Update to mobo bios.
    2. Update all the drivers for your card incl. Via 4 in 1 driver.
    3. If your have anti-virus running background, try to off it.

    Now running the game & c.
  6. Here's a new one for you; try removing the soundcard and see if it still crashes in games.

    Video killed my Radio Card!
  7. Thanks for the help, i'll try that.

    My computer runs at 50 celsius during vids and at games 55. It should do it and i've also been notified that AMD says the Athlon should be able to run at 90 degrees celsius without crashing...but that's what they say now isn't it ? :)

    Thomas Lefevre
  8. u may want to consider getting this heatsink and fan...


    i had a problem the other day myself.. i have a duron 700 and it was running at 48 degrees C (when i first got it it was running at about 30 degrees C) and before i checked it i was watching tv on my computer and all of a sudden my computer just rebooted and posted posted some stuff and just stood there. i rebooted by pressing the reset button and my computer started beeping. i had to reseat the cpu a few times. i don't get it... i'm using the smaller coolermaster heatsink and fan now.. the global win sucks! it's a pain in the ass to put on!

    jsyk... the swifttech is pretty pricy but that should solve your crashes.

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  9. Whats up today? everyone knows AMD is perfect, god damn Intel losers posting false info again!

    I think we all can agree on what the problem is. if you noticed in the first line of this thread, he mentions AMD and we all know this is the source of the problem. go figure

    And you lemmings claim AMD has no problems. you get what you pay for. and you paid for crapola. Enjoy

    Now go read my post from "AMD JUMP" and tell me if it fits this scenario.
  10. Quote:
    you get what you pay for. and you paid for crapola. Enjoy

    I got more than what I paid for (TB 1G at 1400MHz!), and of course I'm enjoying it!

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  11. ummm ... maybe ... i think it has something to do with the pencil markings i had on there though. lol... i tried the pencil trick and never removed the markings and i'm thinking the graphyte oozed down to cross connect bridges during run time and just crashed the thing. I had to reseat it a couple times probably because i didn't put it on right the first time or the heatsink moved it as i tipped the case upwards.

    I bought DDR-SDRAM (i planed to buy this one mobo but they are sold out) so unless the p4 goes DDR with in the next month i'm all AMD still.

    if it wasn't for competition we would all be running are legacy pentium systems because everything else would be soo expensive.

    give AMD credit where credit is due.. they won the past 2 years for the best CPU award. most of the issues u hear i bet are mostly stupid user error.

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  12. also...

    i heard of compatibility problems with the abit kt7a and sound blaster live. i'm not sure if it is the chipset or just the board.. try getting the most recent bios update. which is what everyone else is suggesting besides the forum trolls (meltdown and fugger). the bios is suppose to correct the sound blaster live crashing issues actually.. which is what crashman is suggesting what the problem is.

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  13. Lefevre is also enjoying his too =)
  14. More than he enjoyed his Intel processor apparently. He hasn't gone back to it.

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  15. If it keeps crashing he will go back to it =)

    You enjoy crashing?
  16. I hate crashing, which is exactly why I stopped using my parent's Dell P3 and built my own AMD.

    No more crashes :)

    Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink:
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