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Hi I was just wondering, since I just ordered my new 1.4ghz amd barebone system, would I feel a great speed increase from my existing pentium 2 400mhz?
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  1. Nope, actually you will spend more time trying to figure out whats wrong with it crashing. most of the time your power switch will be in the "off" position.

    Good luck, and enjoy!
  2. Ignore FUGGER just like the rest of us do. You're gonna notice a pretty big difference. I went from a P2 450 to a 1.4 Ghz athlon myself, and it was well worth the money. Don't worry, you'll be happy with your purchase.

    That oughta void your warrenty!
  3. Definately. I went from a P2 333MHz to a 750MHz Athlon and noticed a huge difference. Now I'm at 1.5GHz Athlon, and the difference is EXTREMELY noticable (I still have the 333MHz lying around).

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  4. Hehehe...I'm hoping he's actually talking about a P4 1.4 :)

    Oops, forgot about the subject.

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  5. Actually, EXTREMELY is an understatement. It's more like <b>AWESOME</b> for the first couple of days...then you'll get use to it and start having thoughts of overclocking.

    As far as FUGGER goes, don't take him one else does. You might say he's one of the resident clowns.

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  6. definately. games run smooth, intensive apps run smooth.
    i can run baldurs gate 2 in full screen 1024x768 glory without any jeryness.
    on my p2-300 it absolutely chugged. a big processor hog it is.
    high quality mp3 encoding takes under a minute per song
    general loading/defragging/ripping is far more efficient due to the new ata100 drive & interface.
    note though, the hard drive is often the bottleneck, so get a good fast one. 7200rpm ata100 is a must.

    my main problems have been a shoddy construction job thanx to the ultra cheap company i used, a buggy driver revision care of the Via company, and wrestling with Microshaft, Windoze 2000, IndirectX 8 and the detonated drivers :)

    bout normal for a new beast & operating system.

    "i love the smell of Overclocking in the morning!" Says my Hamster.
  7. LOL! so true, "off" to cool off! :-) hehehe.

    "<b>AMD/VIA!</b> are <i>still</i> the weakest link, good bye!"
  8. I can just picture some of you lemmings with the case open, staring at the motherboard clueless to what the problem is.

    Every few seconds adjusting the angle, fiddling with the HSF wondering if you should upgrade or reseat it. A few more presses to the cables making sure they are seated. and a quick prayer before firing up again.

    Yep, problem still there. power down and repeat step 1 again.
  9. <font color=red>WARNING!</font color=red>

    <b>Fabricated Fugger Facts (FFF for short).</b>

    <font color=red>WARNING!</font color=red>

    Next comes the tantrum and then the personal attacks!

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  10. You must be a numnut. I never had any of those problems with AMD even with a K6-2s. Right now I am rebuilding a system where the Intel CPU burnt up. LOL, a slot 1, 500mhz PIII, toasted. Anyways he is getting a Athlon setup by me which will be more powerful then what he had before. My T-Bird setup has been running for months without any problems so get lost with your false information. Oh yea, have a good night and hope to see ya tomorrow, cheer up, Northwood is on its way.

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  11. <b><font color=red>(***WARNING***WARNING*** THIS SMACKDOWN IS 402K)</font color=red></b>

    Try picturing <A HREF="" target="_new">this</A> instead--just to burst your bubble.

    Obviously I've been powering off a lot in the past 12 days.

    I can just picture FUGGER with the browser open, staring at the jpeg clueless as to how to build a computer.

    Every few seconds rubbing his eyes, fiddling with the scrollbars and wondering if he should maybe get a clue. A few more clicks on "Refresh" to make sure it's for real. and some quick swearing upon seeing that it is.

    Nope, no problem there. Hit "Reply" and make up BS again.

    You're one pathetic piece of crap. Better luck next time. :lol:


    "/join #hackerz. See the Web. DoS interesting people."
  12. FUGGER, how come none of the AMD users around here have any of the problems you always talk about? If you've had these problems with AMD systems, I wouldn't blame AMD, I'd say they are probably caused by insuficient operator headroom.

    That oughta void your warrenty!
  13. Link doesn't work, Kelledin. Tripod isn't an image hosting site.

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  14. OMG, you must be blind or incapable of reading english.

    Take a minute and ready a few pages into this forum. Yeah AMD disasters on every page. G1 Kanute for being a lemming!

    I doubt anyone burnt a Pentium, let alone a 500Mhz one. that little story was BS indeed.

    Grizely, how is that water cooling rig holding up? how many AMD CPU's have you wasted 2 or 3?
  15. Can I ask a serious question, who the hell needs at 1.4ghz AMD or 1.8ghz Intel CPU today. What the hell needs that kind of power? I mean all the games and applications (unless you are running CAD or simulations) don't need that kind of power?
  16. Right, Intel is incapable of doing anything wrong.

    Oh, wait...(current) P4 sucks. Hard.

    Original P3 1.13 sucked even harder, and they pushed it out the door anyway. I wish the reviewers hadn't caught the major flaws and it had shipped. Then Intel would have a really bad reputation to try and dig themselves out of.

    They crippled the original AGP card to show off their AGP spec (although it was still a pretty good card).

    They're crippling their P4 DDR chipset to make RDRAM look good (how else do you explain support for only PC1600? They haven't figured out how to do asynchronous memory yet? Chalk one up for Via, I guess.)

    Guess Intel isn't perfect, but who of us thought they were?

    And hey, let's call noko a liar because a Pentium got burned. That sounds like a good idea.

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  17. LMAO, up a whole 12 days. I have machines that have been up for years =) 12 days is not, um impressive. But then again, a AMD uptime exceeding 12 days is very impressive. Grats & Kudos to you.

    That cat of the /proc/cpuinfo is a nice touch when added to uptime!

    I noticed in that tripod directory you do not have a index.html and directory browsing is turned on. Might want to fix that.

    Set us up the bomb!
    All your base are belong to us!

    IS that you on the right?

    You live in Alaska?

    Lastly, very impressive load average. seems your getting your monies worth =P seems like you do more than click buttons in KDE and Gimp, errr maybe not. maybe just lots of windows open and paroozing THG allot.
  18. P4 owns you. no one ever saw the original 1.13 GG Fatburger.

    Intel is kicking RAMBUS to the curb. (even tho it is superior to DDR)

    VIA? yea there is a winner! LMAO
  19. "That cat of the /proc/cpuinfo is a nice touch when added to uptime!"

    ... and it also checks for Intel bugs too!
  20. It seems that you have machines running for more time than you've been alive... that's trully remarkable!

    How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise
  21. Arbee, you might want hold off on flaming till you get more skills.

    I will withhold a brutal reply and spare you any further embarrasment.
  22. Quote:
    you might want hold off on flaming till you get more skills.

    You certainly can use your own advice!

    :smile: Good or Bad have no meaning at all, depends on what your point of view is.
  23. lol ya really...

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  24. No one ever saw the original P3 1.13? Really?
    That's strange, because <A HREF="" target="_new">HardOCP</A> did, as well as our good friend <A HREF="" target="_new">Tom</A>, as well as others, including AnandTech, SharkyExtrememe, etc.
    I'd tell you to find out what you're talking about before posting, but that'd be a waste of time, like usual.

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  25. ok seroiusly.. do u have a girlfriend/boyfriend or both (u could be bi or gay i dunno) or a hobby? other than masterbating to your intel hardware? it's like you have some kind of pleasure argueing and defending intel for some stupid reason. like intels gives a crap about u or anyone else. they just want your money/business.

    jsyk i have an intel pentium 200 and it crashes at least once a month. meaning i gotta reboot the server.

    u would think it was the software but no apparently your meaning of a crash is any crash where you gotta turn it off and back on. uh oh cpu crashed! it must be the CPU it can't possibly be anything else in your system! (talk about ignorance) god forbid we blame microshit's crap or VIA's buggy chipsets!

    you know what they say!
    Blame Microsoft! (oh wait thats Canada, oh who cares)

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  26. G1 fatburger, I was referring to END USERS, but you gotta split hairs like every other lemming.
  27. This is genious at work, sk8ter unlike you I have a job. where I deal with high end machines daily.

    Yes I have a girlfriend, she lives with me in a huge house on the bay. no need to "jack off".

    If your P200 is crashing, why not fix or replace it? complaining to us does nothing for it.

    no arguement about VIA aka Crapola
  28. 200 -PIII 1.13 Ghz processors made it to end users and had to be recalled.

    <font color=red>Yeah, I took a crap on your lawn. Whatcha gonna do about it?</font color=red>
  29. I c the Intel AsS MonKey is back. You need to get a life, there aren't any homosexual Bars in your area?
  30. Seriously Fugger, you need to get a grip on yourself. Why did you even bother jumping in this thread?

    I'm thrilled that you have a girlfriend, but I doubt it will last long. Either you shoot blanks, she beats your ass, or your just going to get dumped for acting like the imbicile you do here. Maybe it's all of the above...

    You're a coward to attack people the way you do without backing anything up. You're amusing, but that's 'cause you're an idiot. Your the guy who just won't shut up no matter how many times people tell you to "think first, then speak" or "back it up"

    Seriously, if you really did work with computers daily you would know that the problems you speak of aren't true. I think you're the problem, not the hardware.

    <font color=red>Yeah, I took a crap on your lawn. Whatcha gonna do about it?</font color=red>
  31. ROFL!! Who is that going down on Ronald???

    <font color=red>Yeah, I took a crap on your lawn. Whatcha gonna do about it?</font color=red>
  32. I personally do, and i'm just your simple average (but much sexier) software developer. People forget how important CPU speed is to multi-tasking. You can stick i don't care 2 gb of RAM into your compy, but if you have under 866 Mhz, you'll have problems with too many apps. Plus, computer chips (and the rest of the hardware components) are rarely made for the present, but for the future. If chips were being made to just support the software NOW, u'd upgrade every year. I like a chip to last 3 years, it's kind of nice :). By then u'll have to upgrade the mobo, ram, and possibly the video card anyway, which results in less incompatibilities as compared to if you upgraded ur chip constantly. I personally have an 866 P3 Cu at home with a 64 mb Geforce prototype, and that'll keep me happy for at least another year and a half. If i really push it, i could get 2 or 3 years out of it (granted, i WOULD need a little more memory and i would be WANTING a new chip), but it wouldn't be necessary. If i could have my wish, i would buy a new 1.8 Ghz, or soon 2.0 Ghz (P4 of c, there's no indication, no matter what trolls say, that AMD will beat intel to 2.0). And i would like all the power. No one NEEDS all the power, but no one NEEDS anything over a 400 Mhz. Less stress, faster productivity, increased game performance, those are all wants and desires. I like to have 5 iE windows and 3 other apps running without my system dying :)

    Althons and Pentiums are just melted rock. Who’s rock is better? Who cares, let’s play some games
  33. dhlucke, I see allot/too many of problemed AMD systems. mostly overheaters that cause instability. some have other wierd problems but it all associated to AMD based systems. doesnt matter what chipset they all suck. (SIS is getting best feedback atm and they are late comers)

    I have even declined service to some customers because they had AMD system (that sure makes them feel all warm and loved when I say, we do not support AMD based systems. AMD sucks and its no wonder you have problems,.. GL)

    I work with prfessional systems and high end servers, instability of AMD just throws that option out the window.

    Comon, 12 whole days uptime. are we all impressed or what?

    It is AMD's fault for all the chipset problems, even AMD's chipset is not the preferred chipset you buy. If your gonnna build a CPU/chipset make sure OEM's have good information and high QA before they are qualified to ship.

    How many attempts did OEM's make at adding thermal protection to the motherboard? all

    How many actually work? none

    Dont believe me? pull the power on your HSF. chicken!
    I can safely pull the power on my HSF and not worry about it destroying itself =)
  34. Hey hey hey, who said Tom was our friend? Hey now. Them's fighting words. :smile: . I've still got issues with that guy. For the record, i like this forum because the people here (with some exceptions) are pretty interesting/funny/occassionally intelligent (and i emphasize OCCASSIONALLY) and not cuz it's on tom's site. :) BTW, also for the record, the p3 1.13 flopped. They were trying to push an old process too far, and yes, some people were able to get their hands on em before they were recalled.

    Althons and Pentiums are just melted rock. Who’s rock is better? Who cares, let’s play some games
  35. i have a job and i probably make more then you.

    you are a hypocrite though seriously.. here you were saying how perfect intel is and then i mention how it crashes once a month and you say well just replace it. if i change the name from intel to AMD you would be all over it.

    btw fugger i wasn't complaining moron i was making a point intel isn't so perfect.

    blind as a bat and btw...

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  36. Fugger, one source said IBM had already shipped machines with the processor. I'll look it up again though, I don't know if that's true or not.

    And, I have only owned one Via board (Abit KT7a-RAID with the KT133a), and have had absolutely no problems with the chipset whatsoever. I even have a SB Live! card. Imagine that.
    But it's the only board I've owned, so I don't claim to qualify as an expert by any means.

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  37. "i have a job and i probably make more then you."

    ROFL. Im not even gonna brag about how much I make but...

    My dick is bigger than yours =P
  38. Here you go. <A HREF="" target="_new">NeoSeeker</A> had the scoop.

    So far, IBM is the only manufacturer to have shipped significant quantities of the new chip. The system featuring the 1.13GHz processor has now been removed from the Shop IBM site

    Wolverino, what do you have against Tom? Haven't heard you say anything about that before.

    Sk8er, I wouldn't start boasting about how much you make. Especially since there's no way for either of you to prove it :)

    Whoever thinks up a good sig for me gets a prize :wink:
  39. right,

    u can't possibly make that much because your brain is the size and shape of your dick.

    haha get it!? (your brain is in your head so if your brain is the shape of your dick therefore your head is the shape of a dick and you would have a head shaped like a dick making you a dickhead!)

    your come back will be "well at least i have a dick" lol ... how old are you? lol

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  40. Supprised IBM recieved stock in the 1.13Ghz, we did not get any 1.13Ghz parts, hence we did not ship any.

    I work in Silicon Valley, I have my masters in computer science. I would estimate I pay more in income taxes than you make per year. based upon your credentials you posted.

    Anyway enough of this "I make more than you" pissing contest. your lost already. grow up some.
  41. hey there fugger ...

    i was hoping to read some bs but you have made a intelligent reply with logical sense.. i am how do you wanna say... surprised

    i will say all chipsets that support the amd athlon sucks period.. no doubt in my mind i wannna stay far away from via as far as possible... (the SIS chipset looks the most promising along with the athlon 4).

    i had my pentium 200 with only a heatsink on it (because the fan died) and not a problem.. but then again we are compareing 200mhz with 1.333ghz... thats a pretty big difference.

    SIS with athlon 4 would be very interesting to see... because it finally incorporates technology and stability that intel already has. oh well.. better late then never...

    AMD's are cheaper though .. with out AMD's compitition you would be paying at most twice of what your paying now. gotta consider that also... also makes upgrading easier and more fun because it's not as expensive as an intel.

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  42. na to much fun being young .... i'm sure you pay more in taxes however you don't act like it with all your childish insults.

    Do you actually believe what you think?
  43. Why do you even read his posts? I just ignore them. It makes the board a much lovelier place :smile:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">Grass is a beautiful weed.</A>
  44. lol

    i need the entertainment i'm lonely :( lol

    actually i got a date tomarrow woo...

    Do you actually believe what you think?
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  46. <sarcasm>What rousing support for AMD, Mother.</sarcasm>
    This leads me to conclude: Whether it's AMD or Intel......every family has a black sheep. :wink:


    That's what you get for buying your computer based on <font color=orange>color</font color=orange>. :redface:
  47. LOL!!! This is starting to get interesting!!!

    <font color=blue>Your mouse moved. WINDOWS NT must restart for changes to take affect. Restart Now?[OK]</font color=blue>
  48. lol MotherBitches
    I wouldn't be saying that to FAGGER he'd probably suck your dick to.

    FuGGer= Intel Director of Handjobs!
  49. very interesting indeed.. i cant wait my packages have arrived at my uncles home. Hes gonna bring it over tomorrow, cant wait.. =P drooling..
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